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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Someoneoelse, May 27, 2018.

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    Hello, not sure if this is the correct place to put this, but wanted attention towards topic to see if anyone had experienced the same thing. I am 27 and healthy. I had always masturbated frequently, and in previous years could go from 1-2 to maybe 5 times a day, leading up to what I believe may be an acute symptomatic response in my testicle. 14 days ago I had a sharp pain/discomfort while masturbating for the first time that day, and couldn't ejaculate from pain. Previous days leading up to it I hadn't masturbated any more than normal amount, but was also experiencing an extremely stressful thing in my life. I was still masturbating too much, though I don't employ dangerous techniques, aside from the occasional edging, which may have something to do with it. When it happened I was immediately sent into panic attack after panic attack. I was so panicked I was too afraid to leave the room to even go get help. I checked myself for torsion and hernia, everything seemed fine, just a lump and hardening around left epididymis, no problem peeing or urgency, just a pain like my testicle being squeezed in a hot vice. This went on 5 days and I went to see my Dr. He was busy, was given nurse practitioner. She didn't feel the swelling I knew was there, but ordered an ultrasound and urinalysis. All came back clear, no infections, no swelling, nothing. Not even sent home with antibiotics. I can clearly feel abnormalities on my left testicle, especially when warm. Kind of hard, veiny feeling on side of testicle, and epididymal swelling and hardening of vas defrans on left side. Literally when I touch it, it hurts, local pain. Very slowly the pain has receded a bit, and I feel less and less need for advil, but still feel pain especially at night and panic, anxiety, depression, lack of apetite, stomach problems, weird cremaster muscle reflexes out of nowhere, occasionally penile atrophy with scrotal swelling that only lasts for maybe 5 minutes at a time, and has slowed down with the recurrence of that. Also insomnia to a degree and shakes/hot flashes, occasional dizziness. I was completely fine before the symptoms started arising. The doctors had no answer, and am waiting for urology appt. On the 1st, but feel maybe someone on this community may have gone through the same thing. After extensive research into scrotal pains and reading all the clinical reports I could find online, I came across a topic of sexual exhaustion, which is not highly accepted, but seems to fit kinda close to what happened and is going on. Most all the hormonal imbalances seem to fit with what is going on, aside from the actual swelling on left testicle with acute pain. I have not ejaculated for 14 days since it started, and have noticed when i don't even think about sex for a day, my symptoms seemingly get better. 4 times in 14 days I had looked at porn, just to see if my member still works. I can get hard at any time still. That is no issue, but when I even look at porn without getting hard, my testicle seems to drag more and feels super congested. I have gotten hard naturally (spontaneously) in this time, and it didn't seem to hurt, but when I introduce porn, all kind of weird things go on in my scrotum. Weird pulses, dragging, warm, constricted feelings. Does any of this follow along with what people on this community know about? Sorry if post doesn't fit right topic, but in desperate search for answers before urologist pokes me with a bunch of needles.
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    I was thinking a blocked vas deferans - until i remembered what a vasectomy is. Still, some men do have significant pain after a vasectomy. Perhaps if you read those reports you might find something you recognize more.

    In any case I am very sorry for your discomfort.
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    Thank you for the reply, but I have never had a vasectomy.
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    It could possibly be you're receiving higher doses of dopamine when you are viewing the porn apose to naturally getting aroused. Also the amount of masterbation you have been doing is quite a lot, and not healthy. 1-2 time a day max is enough please don't do more than that, there is negative effects and preferably no porn.

    What I want you to do is this,
    Next 30 days don't watch porn, you're penis works and doesn't need checking
    Don't masterbate for 30 days either
    Buy a zinc supplement and take 20mg before bed

    Report back in 30 days

  5. Someoneoelse

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    Thank you for your reply. I have abstained from all porn for 6 days, and haven't even attempted to masturbate since it started. It has been 17 days since the start of symptoms. I still feel marked swelling at epididymus and pain. Sometimes now it is associated with painful urination. During the day my testicles ache and throb, pain at 2-5. During night it is turning into more prostate problems and feel inflammation in pelvic region and get woken up to pee, only to dribble some out with alarming burning sensation, with the inflammation feeling, like something in my pelvis is gonna explode. Abstaining from masturbation has helped, though I have no other choice, but is not taking care of the core issue, as symptoms are evolving. Again though, no chance of STD, plus tests came up negative anyway. I have a urology appt. The day after tomorrow, so still just waiting. If whatever I am feeling was caused by over masturbation, I will make it my goal to help others who chronically masturbate to warn them of the hell it can cause. Still have doubts though, and feel maybe it is some sort of non std infection. The pain and anxiety this whole ordeal has caused is something I wouldn't give to my worst enemy. I have lost 15 pounds in 17 days from not being able to eat, constantly shaky, and you know, balls are on fire, inflammation is present, and evolving symptoms don't help with anxiety. I am afraid to take zinc supplements as I have changed my diet to incorporate non processed proteins as much as I can, and I know i am getting a fair amount of zinc through red meat alone, though i can only really eat 1 meal a day now. I try to force myself to eat a banana in the morning along with some strawberries and whole grain toast if i can even get it down, and protein with whole grain carbs and veggies at night. Diet changes haven'h done anything to help, but at least it isn't Mcdonalds. If any food is gonna make me feel like im gonna throw up, I might as well eat fresh broccoli, carrots, fruits, meat, you name it. Doesn't need to taste good, because even good food makes me wanna puke. Abstaining from masturbation has only helped so much, but in 17 days with this level of debilitating pain, I am afraid of the diagnosis from uro, like pretty much if it isn't infection related, and purely inflammation from masturbating too much (which isn't accepted in medicine anyway) I am screwed. I don't have all the time and money in the world to go to an endocrinologist and figure out why my hormones are screwed, and anxious about outcome and resolution to pain. I never realized how good my life really was until i found out how bad pain can affect it. I will continue posting to help anyone out who may be going through the same thing, since it is so scary and lack of answers makes it worse.
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    From what you've mentioned it sounds hormonal and idk if that was caused by your masturbation, however let's see how your appointment goes and I hope to find out the cause so you can fix yourself up
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    So uro appt. Was on friday. The guy was super cocky and hardly wanted to listen to any of my symptoms. I was in his office for maybe 30 minutes. He felt my very tender, pained balls and wrote it off as epididymitis. I asked about the weird prostate issues and he said "you could have a bit of prostatitis with it" but no answer as to why or how, not even an inspection, just the "i've been doing this for 15 years, nothing special about your symptoms." Basically saying he didn't care, probably since I don't have insurance. Gave me 2 week coarse of levofloxacin 500mg and phytotherapy samples for prostate. I guess after 3 days of antibiotics i do feel slightly less ball pain, but super weird sensations to them, and just heavy, congested feeling. Prostate still feels weird and inflammed at night even though taking phytotherapy. Now the antibiotic is messing with my digestive system badly. Super achy stomach, diarrhea, some blood in stool. Even less able to eat. Been super weak and lifeless because no energy, no food, anxious. I really hope all this ends soon. Still no real resolution to anything after 21 days in total.

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