Psilocybin mushrooms have helped me tremendously...

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Perigee, May 26, 2016.

  1. Perigee

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    I've been experimenting with psychedelics a little bit for the past couple of years but I still don't quite understand how to use them. It was never a recreational thing, but a solitary learning experience for the sake spiritual/introspective insights or self development.

    I first realized the power of the mushroom when I used them on a camping trip. For a long time I was stuck on an old relationship that kept haunting me. During the peak of my trip I dived deep into these memories and was able to finally begin the process of truly letting them all go. This happened over a month ago and the lessons have still stuck with me.

    A couple of weeks ago I found myself with an intense porn addiction once again, for the first time in years. I was looking at it for several hours a day if not more, it spiraled out of control very fast.

    I didn't know how to stop, in a sort of hail mary attempt I decided to take 4 grams of mushrooms on an empty stomach. I wasn't in a good state of mind, but I was willing to take the chance of a bad trip if it meant helping the addiction.

    It was a very intense trip and I was having profound insights almost beyond my ability to retain or put into words. All I know is that shortly after the trip ended, I began to quickly lose interest in all of the porn, and since then it's been almost 2 weeks cold turkey.

    Now of course 2 weeks isn't shit, but it's a start. If I find myself slipping again, I might just have to take another dose. They seem to "reset" my mind in a very real way, losing attachment to all my beliefs and desires, and let me connect with my reality once again.

    I'm not suggesting everyone here take mushrooms or some other psychedelic, but if nothing else is working for you, it might not be a bad option. I probably wouldn't recommend LSD by the way...the purpose of this is not for "fun" you might need to have a few bad trips to be able to put a stop to all of this. These substances reveal your inner landscape and if you're struggling with an addiction, it's going to be a rough ride. Sometimes unpleasant experiences are necessary to gain realistic perspectives about your life.
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    There is no such thing as a bad trip. Bad trips are where we learn the most, and they are only "bad" if you reject the truths being revealed to you rather than embrace them in their ugliness.

    It takes years of training to know how to use them, if you can find someone willing to teach you the art. They're not a toy, and I wouldn't recommend messing with them unless you're in an environment controlled for the experience, to avoid having unwanted events taking place while you're in the other reality. The really important pieces are a controlled environment, sound that encourages positive introspection, a few days of very healthy and clean eating prior to the experience, and a positive goal to achieve or personal issue to work through.
  3. Perigee

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    Ehh, the first hour or so of my last trip was just terrible. I was having no insights or any sort of spiritual experience, it was just paralyzing anxiety. I would stand up and be completely frozen with fear and inability to make a decision. I worked through it and gained the sort of spiritual insight I wanted only while doing vipassana meditation for almost 2 damn hours. However, I think if a trip is just overwhelmingly bad, there's not much to learn from it, but I see your point.

    Yeah I do understand the importance of set and setting, I wish I could find a teacher who could help me with it. I used to live alone in a downtown apt and that actually was pretty comfortable to me. Now I live with my relatives and they're always home, which makes it difficult for me since it's entirely in the confines of my small bedroom. But I do make sure I've been eating healthy, am well rested, not worried about anything, and of course I take them in a fasted state. I have taken them a couple times without a specific goal/purpose, and that did indeed make it a lot harder to navigate.

    Taking them while camping was interesting but as expected a bit difficult even at a measly 2 grams...any other ideas where I could take them? Anywhere with total seclusion but also safe and not so out of the way.
  4. ls558

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    The paralyzing anxiety is you reacting negatively to what is being expressed. It's possible that you don't even know what is being expressed because it's happening on a deeper layer of the psyche. Breathing exercises are a surefire way to defeat these stages of the experience and get back on track.

    Actually I think camping is one of the best times to do it. I've had hundreds of trips, and from my own experience I would say the best way is to use the plant in its native environment. Mushrooms live in the woods, and prefer darkness. Cacti grow in deserts and arid fields, and prefer the daylight. But like I said, I've had hundreds of trips so I might just be insane at this point and the correlations I've found between positive experiences and eating the plant in its native environment could be completely bullshit (just like all of our perceptions of reality could be completely bullshit).
  5. Perigee

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    Yeah, the thing is I wasn't even resisting it most of the time. I would stand up and stretch out my arms and do very deep breathing, but it was incredibly uncomfortable. I was very stressed though and had all sorts of worries, that certainly didn't help.

    I've always taken them at night, but that prevented me from seeing really perplexing visual perceptions or seeing natures beauty. I also don't like taking them past 8pm because I won't be able to sleep until 4am...maybe I'll go camping and try taking them in the afternoon. I wanted to take them at night so I could be amazed by the stars, but I was far too uncomfortable to appreciate the stars let alone nature. I mean I heard many times that you should take peyote in the desert and mushrooms in the woods like you said, but this is kind of silly isn't it? Unless you think there is some kind of psychic connection to the plant material. There is a strong cultural sort of association, however. I'd certainly love to take a big dose of mescaline in the desert before I die.
  6. Wabi-sabi

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    I dabbled with drugs for a couple of years in my late twenties and my view is that people should take a drug if it's calling them, but to set a rule to never take that substance more than five or six times.

    What starts out as a learning experience can soon become just another place to hide. Like porn, really.

    Having said that, 'shrooms opened my mind to possibilities of thought that paradoxically led me to get sober and drug-free. It's a raft to the other shore, but when you get there, you leave the raft behind and walk on.
  7. TheBorb

    TheBorb Bullshit detector

    I've never tried 'shrooms or LSD. As I've been prone to anxiety in the past, I just figured they wouldn't be good for a mind like mine. And I used to work in mental health and was pals with this young guy who'd been thoroughly messed up by acid, he had three entities inside him, all at war constantly, and it was the TRUTH, I could see it in his eyes. Pure madness, a young, talented guy with a huge mind that got ravaged by a bad trip brought on by some irresponsible friends.

    But I'm at a different place now. I don't necessarily see hallucinogens as 'drugs'. They are much more than that, and to be respected. I had a few salvia trips about a decade ago. Salvia WILL open you up and make you see and feel and KNOW something that is 'other', something that never goes away once you've witnessed it.

    There seems to be a more therapeutic way at looking at these powerful, abstract substances, nowadays. If I could try 'shrooms with a group of experienced, nice peeps who'd lead my way and keep it safe, I'd probably try it. But not on my own, in a fit of depression or negative emotion.

    What are 'shrooms like, by the way, in relation to Salvia? I found Salvia to be pretty disassociative. It took me OUT. Are 'shrooms more 'grounded', in comparison?
  8. Perigee

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    Never more than 5 or 6 times...? Depends on what sort of drug you're talking about, it's such a broad term. I have heard the idea that once you get the message you should hang up the phone. I've done shrooms 5 times now and I haven't the slightest idea what message I got from them yet. Now some sort of amphetamine is certainly something you shouldn't do very many times.

    When you say drug-free, what does that include? Do you drink coffee or beer? Do you take aspirin or allergy medication?
  9. Perigee

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    Salvia sounds pretty harrowing, i haven't heard of many people having spiritual experiences from it, but just dysphoria. Maybe I'll try it sometime.

    Shrooms just heighten everything you're already feeling and reveal your inner landscape, they make you open to the possibility that everything you believe is wrong.
  10. TheBorb

    TheBorb Bullshit detector

    Salvia was MINDBLOWING. Not dysphoric. We're talking interdimensional shit! Kicked off with removing all sense of up/down/left/right/forward/back. THEN, transmuted into a series of visits to different places and bodies, many not far from where I live, but random places you wouldn't expect. I was in someone's body waiting for a bus, lol, like I was THERE, in another person, as they went about their mundane daily life!

    I found Salvia stunningly powerful. But what a bastard to smoke! I did the leaf version, not the extract. That's a lot of acrid smoke to inhale! You could never call it 'recreational'.

    'Shrooms sound interesting. Do you get hallucinations or visitations to other places?
  11. Perigee

    Perigee Member

    Salvia is definitely not recreational for sure, but I've heard so many different accounts of what happens that I couldn't possibly be prepared for it. The same could be said for DMT though, but it's so quick that you don't have time to be panicked.

    I only had mild hallucinations, nothing crazy. Definitely no visitations or out of body experiences. It was a very inwardly focused experience, it just revealed a rich inner landscape and let me see myself in very new and unfamiliar perspective.
  12. An entity. I know the feeling as well. I was a pretty hardcore atheist until I had my psychedelic experiences. When the filters are blown open and reality's guts come spilling out, the experiences are so profound that they pummel me into acceptance that there is something so much more out there than what scientism says there is. Something forever beyond the reach of science, and yet feels so much more REAL than reality. A HYPER-REAL state of consciousness. If you have never experienced it before, then it is IMPOSSIBLE to imagine it. It is like trying to imagine a new colour that you have never seen before in your life. It felt like everything that ever happened in my life before the psychedelic experience was a dream, and I have finally "woken up" to real reality. THIS is reality. THIS is happening. IT IS KNOWN. This experience can utterly freak some people out. It feels like dying, and being reborn.

    I encounter something that is impossible to put into words. God, Ultimate Reality, The White Light, The Speed Force or whatever. The Something that is behind Everything. I know that it may probably just be a delusion brought about by a temporary chemical imbalance in my brain. But at the same time, I just KNOW that there is SOMETHING out there. It isn't just a good airy-fairy feeling in my stomach, IT'S A FUCKING FACT. That's how profound it feels to me. It was forcefully beaten into me by the experience. It's as profound as a punch in the face and a kick in the balls.
  13. TheBorb

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  14. Perigee

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    That's a pretty good description for how I felt on DMT, though your case almost sounds even more significant
  15. Craig Mckenley

    Craig Mckenley New Member

    I've been reading this article about magic mushrooms like this in lately and im fascinated about its medicinal properties but it has psychedelic effect that can make you hallucinate. The thing is it can help you cope with depression and gives you a relaxing vibe but im not pretty sure because i haven't really tried it myself yet. Can you give me some more information regarding about psychedelic mushroom?
  16. Imfree

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    A number of different labels have been applied to this class of drugs, all of which are lacking in some way. I would say that the most appropriate classification would be "anti-addictive", as this always seemed to be the primary effect to me...that or "conscience-enhancing". So, it can definitely help you with getting off of porn. If you take them a number of times you will have to admit to yourself that the experience is not produced by your brain, it just disrupts the way that your brain filters reality and allows you to put things in their broader perspective. It will show you how your decisions now will affect you not only in this lifetime, but in the afterlife and subsequent reincarnations. This is way too heavy for most people to deal with.
  17. Imfree

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    ...just reading the earlier posts more closely, holdontoyerhats is spot on. Our everyday experience is something like a hologram projected from a higher dimension which encodes what we experience in a lifetime and much more. Culture produces the same symbols and motifs over and over again which hint at the true nature of things. The key concept is "as above, so below", meaning that all the various pieces mirror the structure of the whole in a nested, recursive fashion. The snake is ubiquitous reminder that the driving force of the universe oscillates between two polarities and is thus propelled forward through this cycle of tension and release, ultimately biting it's own tail and starting the process over again.
  18. Dinggarsi

    Dinggarsi New Member

    Did you know Guys that sometimes people call magic truffles entheogens? As I read here that Entheogens literally mean ‘God inside us’. Entheogens find its origin in Greece. An entheogen is a substance that is psychoactive and when you use it, it causes people to get in touch with God. Psychoactive substances as such are used for centuries, mostly in a spiritual or religious context. All drugs with psychoactive effects that are naturally occurring in plants and fungi, hence Magic Truffles can be considered entheogens. The effect of Magic Truffles may cause the user to feel divine.
  19. Immature

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    I took shrooms a number of times. No profound revelations.

    I could drink beer like water - it had no effect whatsoever, which doesn't even make sense. I also thought that every thing was totally fucking hilarious. Of course I was with an upbeat guy with a good sense of humor. And I was 23 or 24.

    I'd be afraid to take them now. I'm already having plenty of unpleasant insights into my life since I first experienced PIED and then started NoFap.

    I'm glad they worked for whoever they worked for, though. No judgements here.
  20. Perigee

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    You didn't take enough.

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