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    Hello all

    Thank you for the responses!
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    Filled out the form! Just out of curiosity, what are your plans with this? Developing a treatment system? Or writing a manuscript for publication? Good luck!
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    Thank you!

    This is the first step we take in our group approaching this subject, and we're mainly interested in studying psychiatric comorbidity. The evidence out there is ever-growing but still scarce to confirm or negate anything. Since people very rarely are aware that this behavior can be problematic, they don' really consult with doctors or psychiatrists because of this, and most doctors don't ask about their patients' sexual habits so they don't see the possible relation.

    This is probably the best place to obtain a "case study" sample, even if it implies obvious limitations. But we want to obtain some information first about the size of what we're dealing with here, in order to raise awareness in the medical community and hopefully better direct our efforts henceforth.

    We will probably take a few attempts and improve the methodology before we consider publishing anything.
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    Nice! Hope to read how it develops!

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