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    Hello everyone

    I'am 27 years old and have PIED for sure. I've been masturbating since i was 12 years old, and NEVER stoppet maybe max 4-5 days. In my teenage years i did it ALOT, later on in my 20's i was masturbating 1-2 times in average each day therefor I NEVER had a wet dream and morning wood was very rare. All this lead to problems later on. Iam a good looking guy, healthy and fit, and couldnt understand why i had these sexual problems... until i found this page. Everything seems clear for me now, i have been reading and youtubeing everyday about Nofap, relapsing, symptoms, flatlines, rebooting ED, overstimulation of the brain, PIED, succes storys an so on. I could relate to so much. I'am so happy I found this GOLD information, its time for me to REBOOT what ever it takes!

    I startet NoFap the same day i saw Gary's youtube video and i am day 5 and feel fantastic. I will use this journal to keep track of my positive/negative habits/symptoms caused by PMO.

    I HAVE NO DOUBT THAT PORN IS DESTROYING YOUNG MEN'S LIFE. Therefor my mindset is, that i WILL NEVER WATCH PORN AGAIN. Thats my mindset going into this "challenge" or lifestyle i would call it.

    d. 21/04/2018 update:

    Goal: 100 days of hardmode
    Milestone 1: 33 days (16 days left) X
    Milestone 2: 66 days (49 days left) X
    Milestone 3. 100 days. (83 days left) X
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    7 days done. And I feel perfect. Everything is going according to plan. I should mention besides doing PMO I try to sleep 6-7 hours each night, training 5 times a week, eating clean, praying/meditating, cold showers every day. Motivation, energy, confidence & mood is 10/10 right now. Penis is.... a little dead, but thats okay and expected. I had some trouble sleeping at first, but after my body got used to the new sleep schedule the last couple of nights has been perfect. Next target is the 14 day mark! Still no serious morning-wood nor wet dreams. Coffee-intake reduced to 2 cups in the morning only but still smoking cigarrets but no alcohol, I stopped that shit 1.5 year ago.
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    Good on you bro, I like your intensity. All the extra things you are doing are huge for momentum, keep them up and smash them as hard as you can.

    It's cool to be aware of "dead dick" "morning wood" etc etc but they are not so important. Put all your energy into the big picture. The goal is to be a fucking real man at the end of this journey. All the other shit will work it'self out with the ultimate goal as number one.
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    You're right my dude. I will keep grinding!
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    Day 9 of No PMO today. I have to say, that it has been easy thus far compared to many others I have 0 urges to watch porn nor do I have fantacy about it. It is like porn has been deleted from my brain. I know for sure that my problem isnt porn only, but the need to masturbate to feel better I think I've been using porn to maintain my high dopamin feeling. Does anyone think the same about their addiction? But it is still early days, maybe this will change later on.

    My mood is great and I feel good. When that is said I've had som urges not to pictures and porn, but sex, girls and orgasm in general. (Naturally)

    Still going strong.
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    Day 10: First time today in 10 days I woke up with morning wood. Otherwise feeling good still training, sleeping, praying, healthy-eating, cold-showering ;-)
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    I 'm on day 12 today. Today has been a lazy day probably because I woke up late. Need to change that tomorrow. I feel like I need to stop counting days and instead having a countdown going this will work better for me and encourage me to reach the ultimate goal . My goal is doing no PMO hardmode for at least a 100 days.

    Goal: 100 days.
    Milestone 1: 33 days
    Milestone 2: 66 days
    Milestone 3. 100 days.

    21 days remaining for milestone 1!
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    Keep it up man ! Great work and motivation . I wish I had them too :)
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    Thanks bro.
  10. BeInControl

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    Day 14: Energy level today was a bit low, until i went to the gym (I had to, have a program which I follow) and suddenly my energy increased. I felt like every girl at that gym was looking at me, smiling and flirting. It was CRAZY... so many hot girls in tight leggins i swear I couldn't focus at all. Went home after and I had the strongest urges so far and almost relapsed not to porn but the thought of those girls at the gym. Was in the shower, I went on edging, got a rock hard erection in the shower and stoppet immediately while turning on the cold water. 14 days are gone but today was the hardest day. These girls are making me crazy and I know I cant do nothing sexual this early in my reboot.

    I was happy about the strong erection and I feel like my penis is more sensitive for sure - nothing like before and it feels different fore sure. I can feel more. So it was a positive test for me. 14 days went fast so far it has been fantastic. My face is so clean and glowy/shiny like never before. I will and I want make it to 100 days! Btw, porn is erased from my memory unlike many guys here, I dont feel any urges or need to watch porn, probably because I know how much it fucks with the brain. The urges I talk about is the need to masturbate and orgasm (not to anything in particular, except the girls I see IRL) this is the most difficult. When that is said, I'm very aware of triggers when I use snapchat, Instagram, TV and Facebook. I dont look at anything which can trigger me.

    I'm prepared for next week, many guys here talk about flatline and low energy levels at day 20-30. I just have to be prepared for everything. The difficult part is not here yet, I know that - I'm ready!

    19 days remaining for milestone 1!
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    Day 15: Very relaxing day with the family, nothing special didn't even think about anything sexual. A sunny day with good company and good food. Went for a 5km run in the evening and had a solid leg workout. Dropped 3kg's the last 15 days and my condition is improving, my goal is 5-6kg more. 3 job interviews booked for next week, by the end of this month I should get a job again - looking forward to that. I also wrote a 5 pages long article about how you can improve your life as a unemployed and how it can help you to not loose hope, witch I plan to post on LinkedIn soon, probably after I secure my job.

    For the last couple of days I've had pain in my lower back especially when sitting. I dont understand how this can be linked to PMO? It is very annoying.

    18days remaining for milestone 1!
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    Day 17 mood: 5/5.

    16 days remaining for milestone 1!
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    After 18 days of NO PMO today I masturbated and came. Was edging a little and couldn't hold it back... FFS. Fail. But didn't watch porn while doing it. I dont know if this should count as a relapse... Probably is. Back at it again tommorow...
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    Day 2. Lets go.
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    Ah unlucky man, it happens to all of us but I'm sure you're strong enough to get another good streak going. The trickiest part I find after relapsing is not relapsing again and again afterwards, but if you get back on another streak there won't be a lot of harm done. The way I try to see it is if you manage to go another 18 day streak, then you've only fapped only once in 36 days, which would be great and a sign that your addiction is definitely getting weaker!
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    Thanks for the post. I know I can go for 90-100 days. This time I'am going the distance. I actually feel like the whole positive and good things before the relapse is gone. Funny how the mind plays tricks on you. Edging 1-3 times and boom relapse. This is not an easy road. The Porn addiction for me is gone. The fap addiction is still there. That is the difficult part for me.

    Day 3: Nothing special. Gonna keep going this time. Off to Day 4.
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    21 days and 1 FAP pretty ok actually. Off to day 22 or day 5 ;)
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    7 days since last fap. The urges to fap, have sex and looking at girls IRL is SO strong right now. My sexual energy is diffentenly rising each day. 24 days and only 1 fap. Otherwise i feel good still working out 5 days a week but my head is not as "clear" as it was before the relapse, I'am gonna go crazy soon haha. Hanging in there still.

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