Message from the bottom of my heart. 150 days hardmode 5 months clean.. Life has never been so good

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by auzzie_mikey, Jul 14, 2018.

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    Boiz just a message from the bottom of my heart. Life has honestly never been so good for me. And its been due to these 1 thing which is noPMO. COnfidence, alphaness and getting girls is at an all time high. The aggression is back and i actively remember what is at stake for me. Just cause I am 5 months clean doesnt mean shit. THis has to be for a lifetime and never give into this. I was quite down this evening cause had a hookup with a girl, but she then left with her friends. I just remembered that nofap and nopmo is the reason why I am here. I have the ability to consciously to control my brain. To be honest, I cried a bit, and got tears in my eyes when she walked away from the date. But due to noPMO I can consiously control my brain. I can filter out the negativity. Here we are 3 hours after the incident and I am just normal now, no more negativity. And I can safely say I have recovered from the toughest situation from crying. All because I realised what I was before when I was PMOing, i couldnt even talk to girls or do anything at all. Now theres no problem for me to talk to anyone and can approach any girl that i want. I just remembered the basics that wow I can take girls on dates and still be confident and so charismatic wherever I go, never forget where you are andhow far you have come. Never be greedy. That is what I am doing right now. To write this article to inspire myself and inspire others. Remember that I could have PMOed cause it was such a tough situation cause I cried and stuff. But no I didnt PMO, and remembered the greater cause, the life ahead. Only the strongest survive in this harsh world. If you have been given arms and hands, and young age as a male, you can rule the world. The only 1 thing you can't do is not PMO and the world is your oyster. Thats what it feels like right now. Honestly, my family is on the verge of divorce and parents fight all the time and so many tensions around my house right now, but you know what due to no PMO I just stand strong and keep working and keep partying and studying. Life is just too perfect right now. You learn from each thing in life, and learn what mistakes you made. everything is a learning step. Build upon each step, everytime you learn and get better and better. Never lose hope, cause what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. This no PMO has given and revived me into the lion that walks on this earth today. This remarkable transformation today that at one point i was crying and so guttered that this girl left me. But then quickly I drove home to do work and use my time productively. Meaning I told myself dont focus on negativity and use my mind positiviely to constructively do some work at 2am in the moirning, instead of pmoing what i would normally do to wipe away my tears and reward myself. I've been in that situation so many times that after going out not getting any girls, used to PMO away to sleep and then suffer withdrawals. This time I'll end my life rather than PMO, its that point now and never will give in this time. I have honestly NEED to fuckin ingrain this no pmo inside me. its the ultimate feeling of winning and ultimate survival tactic. I need this no pmo aggression to remain there, and fuarkinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn need it to stay there like anything
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    Nice mate!!!
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    I've followed your journey right from the beginning auzzie_Mikey. It is so rewarding to see you get to a point where you feel that you are happy. I know that you have been through a lot to get here. It is well deserved. My warmest congratulations
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    Congrats .. Outside of wet dreams im on a yr in a half no MO myself ... Each day that urge comes as a man and u tell it no, the step closer u get to being ur original true self before all of this .. Keep fightin the good fight as u know I will as well
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    To be honest guys this has been the hardest journey for me. But let me tell you guys just cause I've reached 160 days now doesn't mean my life is still perfect. I had extreme urges last night to pmo. Everyday is a challenge, a new challenge a new day that I have to conquer. You guys must always remember at the forefront what this PMO Journey has destroyed in your life. And remember never to return to it. Cheers for the support guys :)
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    Yes, absolutely. Even at over two years in for me I still experience cravings to act out. I am quite prepared to experience them for the rest of my life. We can only stay sober one day at a time.
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    great committed people here. with this commitment, nothing can stop one from making this life beautiful, for oneself and the people around. inspiring story.

    I too have been through this journey, struggle and visited this portal around 2 years back in quest of inspiration. it educated, helped, inspired and supported me. i also happened to find something sort of a jet airplane to go though this journey, which made this noPMO process very natural and easy for me.
    i felt obliged to share on the forum which supported me when in was struggling. I hope you guys can check this out and spread this message if you truly find value in it after your evaluation and experiences.
    here is what i am referring to -
    explore 'inner engineering', just google it. this will help you. this helped me immensely over the last 1.5 years. transformed me completely, I could come out of porn and all the baggage that comes with it, felt inner joy for the first time in my life. All i would say spend some time evaluating it and find it for yourself.

    wish you the best :)
    your friend

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