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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Whatodo, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. Whatodo

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    Sorry dont have the energy to make a long post, but anyone here that has slept with a transgender and then felt like a walking zombie after? Like i Can never be myself again? Im 22 and have been with plenty of women before but it feels like this one night of regret has doomed My entire life...
  2. Perigee

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    I've had a few chances but I backed out on all of them. Once I even went home with one but my gut was telling me it was a bad idea. Even though she was cute, post-op, and passable, it didn't feel right. Not because I was uncomfortable with my sexuality or trans people, but for some reason it just felt wrong.

    The feeling will pass. I can't say how strongly it is compared to PMO, but it's not the end of the world. Let it serve as a lesson that the craving and desire is always better in your head than the real thing.
  3. Whatodo

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    Yeah i think so too, the thing That is fucking me up the worst is that now i have to get checked, cant enjoy My summer like i could have. I was on the Verge of ending this shemale obssesion before this aswell, i know If i would just have listened to My gut and got out of there it would probably be over by now and i would still be in the great place i was before that night... that makes it hard to ocercome Because i constantly see 2 realities, this one Where i went through with it and another Where i didnt and that one is better in Every way..
  4. jack91

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    Good conversation. I never even peeked trans porn but i see it just a another example what porn does. I have my own demons and they can be just as confusing. Yet again i see "im not alone" ! No one of us are! I dont want to put another moment on thinking of porn or doing anything porn related for another moment! This addiction cant be in control. It control us and then life can work out in worst possible ways
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  5. lookingahead

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    Take all of your anguish, loss, emptiness, regret, anxiety, fear - the totality of your negative energy - and apply it completely and entirely to the road to recovery...and make it a journey you can be proud of.
  6. Kevin Walez

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    Trans porn is awfullll

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