Low dopamine or too much dopamine?

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by SuicidalVirgin, Jun 29, 2018.

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    This is a quote from a book about healing the brain:

    ""With repeated use of a drug, the body adapts by either producing less dopamine or down-regulating its receptors."

    Why is it that people with PIED are told that they have too much dopamine and that they need to stay away from fast releasing dopamine activities?
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    Without consciously knowing it, people who consume a lot of porn are training their brain to prefer porn over actual sex. Porn is easier, and more efficient, at producing a dopamine rush. I don't know anyone that has told anyone with PIED they have "too much dopamine". Rather, people with PIED have trained their brains to get a dopamine rush so efficiently with porn, the brain has difficulty getting it with sex, thus PIED. Most people who suffer from PIED suffer it when they attempt the real deal, but are just fine with porn. That is because, having trained the brain, they rise to the occasion with porn, but cannot with a real partner. That is the definition of PIED: Inability to get hard with a partner, but total ability to get hard with porn.

    The cure for PIED is: no porn. As in no porn for a long time. At least 90 days, but, in reality forever. It is not that you have "too much dopamine", but that you have used porn for so long the brain comes to prefer it, as a dopamine trigger, over reality. The brain becomes sensitized to porn, and desensitized to reality. In order to get back to normal you have to de-sensitize to porn and re-sensitize to reality, and that means no porn.

    It is not that you have to abandon dopamine, it is that you have to abandon porn as a button to obtain your dopamine rush. PIED is a very specific problem. It has a very specific solution. If porn is "inducing" ED, then avoid the thing inducing ED. Avoid porn. It will take a while, but your brain will eventually re-sensitize to reality.
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    Thanks. Helpful explanation.

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