Instagram is the devil's f***ing spawn

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Ichoosetofightback!, Jun 3, 2018.

  1. Everything was absolutely fine. 4 weeks without pmo. Innocently went on ig to post something on my story and suddenly one thing led to another and i was looking up certain hashtags then I started looking at porn. At one point I even closed everything and put my phone down but was too weak to control my urges and ended up relapsing.
  2. Saber

    Saber New Member

    IG is really really bad. It essentially is softcord porn. Every girl on there has tight yoga pants with her ass in the air. No reason to go there at all.
  3. Freedom from Servitude

    Freedom from Servitude Active Member

    I would add to that by sharing from experience that social media is generally full of triggering material. Some sites even have porn on them. Stay away from reddit, twitter and tumblr which have hundreds of porn themed pages on them.
  4. spoofy

    spoofy Active Member

    ya mate, social media is pure bs
  5. jack91

    jack91 Find your way throuh Staff Member

    I live fully without social media. I am little goofy for being without it but its better than be in that train. I dont want to follow a world as it is now, and watch porn, compare my life, jealously watch others. I dont want to be part of it. Im going my own way!

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