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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Vinny Stapes, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. Vinny Stapes

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    I’ve been into porn and masturbation for almost 4 years and quite frequently too. I’m 22 & I stay with my parents so it’s never been easy bringing girls to the crib often to smash.

    Sometime in November I met a girl, we hit it off and I brought her home. To my greatest surprise I couldn’t even get an erection. Never been so embarrassed in my entire life. That was when I discovered I had PIED.

    I went the first 2 months this year without masturbation and porn & felt really good. Got my morning wood back, even had a wet dream. Sadly I relapsed and I keep relapsing and it’s been awful. I’m really really tired of this cycle. I keep going back even though I don’t want to.

    I’m going to start again today seeing this is my first time posting. I pray I can go at least 90 days. Sigh. Any suggestions? I really need your help
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    Hi I'm new here and i have been on NoFap for 8 days now and never felt that great. Have been wonderful thus far.

    Try to forget about your failed attempt and know for sure that you can cure PIED if you stick to your plan with no PMO. You just have to give it some time. I've been reading a lot about this issue the last couple of weeks and my conclusion after all the reading is:

    1. Dont give up. You will get your erections back, some people take 3 month and for some 1 year+. You are still young and you can reverse PIED for sure bro.
    2. Stay busy - excesise, get a good night sleep 7+ hours. and socialise with people.
    3. Talk to girls and start get used to them - this will help your brain rewire.
    4. Before relapsing, think about what you want to accomplish with this. Maybe read your first post so you can remember.
    5. DONT test if your dick is working or not, dont touch, dont even think about it. Again try to do other things.

    Stay strong bro, you can do it!
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  3. Vinny Stapes

    Vinny Stapes New Member

    Yep I messed up again. Couldn’t at least make it a month.

    Have to start all over
  4. Vinny Stapes

    Vinny Stapes New Member

  5. le_petit_moster

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    "Relapse" is different from a "Slip". I urge you to find the difference and even write it down on a piece of paper.
    As you write your mind will work and tell you how it relates to your situation.
    Label what is happening to you and your feeling accurately ( as much as possible). Precise labelling help find solutions.
    I wish you well.
  6. quitprofoo

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    Don't give up.

    Make a plan for alternative activities to do when you would most likely look at porn.
    - Exercise
    - Eat a salad
    - Listen to good music, hopefully on a stereo or something and not at your computer
    - Read a book
    - Socialise

    Use your brain to help you get around and over this compulsion. It's your creativity that will help get you out of this.
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