How many days to stay on hardmode until I can resume talking to chicks and hitting on them IRL?n r

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by auzzie_mikey, Jun 2, 2018.

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    Currently I am on day 108. I have had absolutely no P, no M and no O. No edging. and no arousal from girls. Only 1 sesssion where I was with a girl and kissing her. But I have stayed completely 100% clean from all forms of arousal, being on complete hardmode. I have followed the No Arousal Method.

    Withdrawals have disappeared for me, and I have superpowers at the moment. Confidence and motivation is at an all-time sky-high and live is beautiful right now.

    The reason I embarked on No PMO on hardmode is because I suffered horrible, mind-crippling withdrawals from Feb 15 to May 1st 2018.

    Now as per BigBookOfPenis in No Arousal method, he has mentioned 6-12 months is ideal for a complete detoxification to remain clean. I mean I never will look at P again. Never put my through that torture again. However tempting it may be, only my soul and brain knows what pain it has suffered. So P is out of the question.

    But in terms of talking to real girls and going out and hitting on girls in real life, I am tempted to resume that practice at 14th June 2018, which is 4 months of completely being on hardmode and clean. Reason I say this is because my urges are so high. Everytime I go in public I warn myself not to look at girls and keep eyes focusing down, but this time blindsidely I was caught looking at this hot italian lady. Quickly, I realised what I was doing and looked away and drove off immediately. So what I am saying is I cant wait to resume real action with real girls... But I'm not sure if 4 months is adequate for my neurotransmitters to recover. I don't want to hear anything about rewiring this and that, cause I don't believe in rewiring.

    I just want to know if 4 months of hardmode is enough of being 100% clean and then talking to real girls and hitting on them in public places? Like getting arousal from girls in real life?

    My gut feeling says 15th August 2018 as a minimum should be best because that will be complete 6 months completely clean detoxification.

    But a part of me says and thinking on 15th June 2018, just resume talking and going out to clubs and hitting on chicks, being 4 months completely 100% clean... and then if I still feel mentally bad from symptoms after arousal from girls, then wait a bit furhter. But 100% P is out of the question and no arousal whatsoever from artificial materials, that is definite......

    Need your opinion guys and what period of timeframe is appropriate to resume back talking to girls and hitting on chicks in real life?
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    I think how you start to look at women during/after a reboot is more significant than when.

    The porn addict looks at women, and while some genuine affections are there, what he is seeing is a blend of what is real and what is porn. If someone is attracted to someone and fantasizes about them the way they would about porn, I'd say it is too soon. Same with porn related fetishes... if they are driving your dating life, it is definitely too soon. Interactions with real people shouldn't trigger the porn pathways, and if you sense that happening, it is time to withdraw or change course. Basically, any time you think your attractions might dehumanize a woman you should step back and think about what is going on. It makes sense that the longer you wait the weaker the porn pathways are in your brain, but being deliberate about dating and how you treat women can help rewire too.

    The emotional issues are important too. Some guys had anxiety issues or other things they dealt with either pre-porn or during porn, and they'll need to be dealt with. It could be anger/aggression, or who knows what. I am not sure that a specific waiting time is the key to that, but it is still something to consider.

    As an aside, I think one thing men seriously lack these days is a strong ethic on how to treat women. We have varying ideas out there of how to treat them like objects and some are better than others, but they all treat them like objects. Serious talk about respect, honor and dignity for women is usually met with eye rolls and is dismissed as old fashioned, repressed, or whatever. Spending time considering this matter can really help, too.

    When you can't help but look at women, with your high urges and seeing the "hot italian lady", what do you see in yourself? Do you see porn mikey, or rebooted mikey?

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