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  1. hollyfupton

    hollyfupton New Member


    I was wondering who on here lives in England and/or is keen to connect to chat.

    Please message back,

  2. 10years_pied

    10years_pied New Member


    Im in England and looking to chat regularly with someone and listen too in England.


  3. GreyHeron

    GreyHeron Active Member


    I am around still and wonder if anyone does want to chat over the phone or Skype
  4. Wmhatcher21

    Wmhatcher21 New Member

    I was thinking it would be good to organise an actual meeting with a few members UK. It's easy enough to hire a room in a church or something for a one-off.

    I'm based in the London area if that is easy for people to travel to?

    I think some of the key fears that porn plays off are fear of loneliness and fear of rejection. Making contact with real people face - to - face would be a great way to tackle those fears head on.
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  5. drummergenius

    drummergenius New Member

  6. ukdamon

    ukdamon Trying for a life of purity

    Hi, I would be interested in connected to other UK members
  7. ukbritishbloke

    ukbritishbloke New Member

    I'm in England, Holly.
  8. Freedom from Servitude

    Freedom from Servitude Active Member

    Hi everyone, I am based in the UK too if anyone needs support.
  9. LifeRedux

    LifeRedux New Member

    Yeah man,

    I'm down.

    Recently had an accountability partner who quit.

    And it was something I was really looking forward to implementing.

    From the UK too.
  10. Sticky

    Sticky Member

    If anyone from UK is interested in going to recovery meetings than I highly recommend this site http://saauk.info/en/meetings
    Going to a group recovery meetings is extremely powerful as it allows you to connect with people experiencing similar things, and who can help you through your recovery.

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