Day by day journal (Streak broken, abandoned)

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  1. Day Thirteen complete. Just routine today, had my mind on other things and barely thought of porn at all. Moving further on.
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    All honesty here. I saw your journal when it was just getting going and before I started my own. I haven’t read everything but I went through some of it. I’m not an every day post a reply kind of guy but I’ll swing by to tour thread after updating kind each day.

    I’ve noticed you mention urges frequently and right on for the success up to this point. Long story short on a tip I got, say trigger when one of yours comes up. Or maybe if urge is more relatable say urge when you see that one is happening. If it helps it helps, if not to each their own, MMV.
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  3. Day Fourteen complete. Easy day today, that's two weeks now, it seems to be getting easier, i hope so at least. Let's keep going.

    I hope seeing this thread is some kind of help, whatever that may mean to you. When i say urges i speak of triggers or moments when i want to look at porn, but i resist and move on. It's more of an urge or a desire than a trigger. Because i'd been looking at porn from like the age of 13 it became like a routine thing a bit as well, so a little bit of a lifestyle change was a big help, just little things like getting up at different times, and changing the way things are arranged and shaking up the routine a bit. A trigger is more if i see something that really triggers me with a big craving to go back to porn, but that hasn't really happened.
  4. Day Fifteen complete. Not much to say, still going well and happy about it. To tomorrow :)
  5. Day Sixteen complete. A couple of urges today, not really any triggers. Starting to get the feeling i just want to bust one out, but i won't, giving it some more time and patience and hopefully it'll pass.
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    Right on for waiting it out. Life in general has taught me that nothing urgent is as bad as it seems when you are in the moment. Stay sober.

    This was that list of things that I got the triggers tip from. Not sure where you were at in this list on day sixteen but I use this to help me keep track of how far habit is taking me away from where I want to go.

    1. Stimulus (or triggers)
    2. Emotion (whatever the stimulus makes you feel)
    3. Thought (of why you should)
    4. Chemical Response (nanotransmitters preparing the body for an expected reward)
    5. Body Language (heart rate, sweats, jitters, boner, etc.)
    6. Second Thought/The Battle (debate to justify the initial thought)
    7. Behavior (Based on if for or against wins the battle)
  7. Day Seventeen complete. Pretty easy today, not really any urges.

    Second thought and chemical response is probably where i'm at right now. Thanks for adding that, that's a big help.
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    TronRinzler New Member

    I’m glad it was helpful for you.
  9. Day Eighteen complete. No urges today, kept my mind occupied on other things and was no problem at all.
  10. Day Nineteen complete. Again no urges, kept my mind on other things. Had a brief conversation with a woman as well, she seemed a bit girly and maybe even flirty, but maybe i'd just like to imagine that. Or maybe not shooting one out in nearly 3 weeks boosts your hormones or something like that. To another day, we'll see what happens.
  11. Day Twenty complete. Last time i tried this i didn't post to a forum or anything, and it was little more than a few years ago, but i only lasted 20 something days before a relapse, with a lot of triggers and cravings. Somehow this time it is being a breeze. I guess this time i just really wanted to let it go and move on. Everyone deserves a real woman and a real connection, you need so much more than porn, you need intimate sex with a real person, because then it becomes so much more than sex. It becomes something between the two of you and only the two of you. I don't know if that will make much sense to anyone, but i speak from some experience and the way i see things. Maybe that's a part of what destroyed my last relationship. The selfishness of wanting to blow a load for some porn slut more than the intimacy with my girlfriend of the time. Another day another rung up the ladder to a real lady. Someone who i'll honestly only have eyes for this time.
  12. Day Twentyone complete. That’s about three weeks now. Some urges today but i distracted myself with other things in life and my own imagination and it was good. To another week.
  13. TronRinzler

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    Kinda odd to say since we don’t really know one another but man that makes me happy to see you doing so well.
  14. Day Twenty two complete.

    Thanks man, that's very much appreciated. Just keep me in check and we can all help each other anonymously break these addictions and hopefully lying in bed with a real woman on top of us instead of a laptop and our tool in hand.
  15. Day Twenty three complete. Some real urges today, but i went over all my reasons for letting this go in the first place and it was no problem. Really getting a craving for intimacy now, the memory or imagination of holding and being held by someone and being that close. So much more than sex or orgasm.
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  16. Day Twenty Four complete. Starting to feel like a breeze again. Another day another hormone i guess.
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  17. chrism

    chrism It's time to make a change.

    Wow! 24 days. That’s awesome man!

    Yeah I know what you mean about the intimacy thing.

    Sometimes it’s nice to just be close to someone.

    The world we live in puts such a focus on sex that we forget about the simple things in life.
  18. Day Twenty Five complete. I hope this really is getting easier with each passing day and i’m not just kidding myself.

    Thanks for the support Chrism. When i talk of intimacy i mean being able to be with a woman properly. To talk and listen and help her with things. But also being able to hold her just close and tight, and really appreciate her. Not a piece of fuck meat to bust a nut on like porn portrays women as. I guess i want a great relationship where sex is just a side effect of nurturing intimacy. Just some reckless thoughts of mine.
  19. chrism

    chrism It's time to make a change.

    Yeah I totally agree with what your saying.

    I’m sure with that attitude there are plenty of women out there that would have a similar idea of their ideal relationship.
  20. Day Twenty Six complete. This is going great. Saw some friends of friends earlier. A few of which were women. I didn’t expect such a positive interaction between them. Maybe it’s higher testosterone or something primal. Or maybe my subconscious mind is clearing up from porn as well and that’s up in the air. I’m noticing i’m getting better with women, or i’d like to notice that.

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