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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Rex the Can, Jun 16, 2018.

  1. Rex the Can

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    Hello guys,

    Yesterday, I had a date, with what seems to be for the love of my life, I had known her for a while though already, we had a really tender night, full of contact, cuddling and kissing (more like pecks not making out) but I'm seriously happy and I want make everything great for both of us.

    As a little background I masturbated since I was 17 and I'm now 30 to fucking life ruining porn. Around 27 I stopped on and off, my longest streak was 6 months. Recently when I noticed that I had a connection with this girl I'm dating, I immediately stopped, I immediately regreted doing what I had been doing for so many years, I felt angered at myself. I didn't take note when I stopped PMO but I think it's over a month and days, I completely stopped and avoided anything visual to this to the point that I don't even watch TV and browse the internet and just play video games, and also decided to actively go to the Gym

    I'm really concerned, because yesterday after all that cuddling, contact, when I came home I noted that my underwear was wet with semen but all that time I didn't feel any erection.

    I told her a few days ago, not exactly the issue, but since I had cancer in the last years testicular, which is true and because of that I was unable to perform for a period of unknown time, she was very understanding and said it was okay, she loves me and it could take as much time as needed. My throat became a knot and I nearly cried, because I couldn't bring myself to tell her the truth and leave me for the pathetic person I am.

    Help guys, is having a girlfriend make my progress halt? She is a very caring and loving person and cuddling and hugging is just part of her personality. I'm just really sad I allowed my life to be ruined like this and it just brings me to tears each time. I don't want to ruin this, please help me, even as I'm writing this I'm broken to tears....
  2. themammothrept

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    Hi Rex,

    I am sorry to hear about your issues. Since you have had testicular cancer, I would check with the doctor to determine whether there is something physically wrong. You may have been right when you told your date that you had ED due to cancer.

    If it is not a physical issue, then it is probably porn induced. Did you notice any improvement in your ED during your 6-month streak? If so, that's a pretty good indication you have PIED. If you do, it's simple to clear up. Just abstain from porn and your ED should clear up. It may take months, even an entire year, but it will happen.

    Wish you the best, friend. Keep that streak going and leave a life of porn behind. It may be difficult, but it is worth it. And your date deserves a man free from porn too. :)
  3. Rex the Can

    Rex the Can New Member

    Thank you for the elaborate reply! My ED is unrelated says my doctor since I have my other teste and my T levels are fine. I did notice an improvement that time I stopped for 6 months. But right now with barely one month I'm definitely having a flatline.

    I suppose my main concern is that my girlfriend is super cuddly, and like a lot of physical contact, so I am concerned that contact will finish my results.

  4. themammothrept

    themammothrept Administrator Staff Member

    Cuddling and other non-sexual contact is great for rewiring yourself back to real women, actually. So I don't really think it is a problem, in fact, I think if you can just keep cuddling and put aside sex for now then eventually your penile function will return.

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