Almost 100 days but havent achieved what i wanted

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by orfeox5, Jun 25, 2018.

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    It is almost my day 100 without PMO and things may have gone bad. I started this journey because of guilt and fear of PIED, although I didn't have evidence that I have it. Now if I see a picture of hot female in my social media, usually in bikini on the beach, you know its summer time and every girl from my friend list uploads such pictures (no matter that I don't want them ), I don't get a boner which scares me... When I used to masturbate, I used such pictures to jack off and now I don't seem that interested in them.. I don't get a boner when I see hot girls in public. It drives me crazy! However, the strange thing is that most of the times if I just fantasize I get hard. I get random erections too o_O . Havent had any wet dreams ever or cravings since I have started the reboot. What do you think guys , should I start masturbating again, without porn just sensation, because my libido will soon dig a whole .. My assumption is that puberty has messed up my hormones and this causes what I am experiencing.
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    You are writing in a porn addiction/recovery forum. 100 days is great, but I have to ask: what IS your goal? Did you actually have PIED, or was it just something you feared would develop? Also, if PIED was something you were avoiding, the reason most here seek to avoid it is; it interferes with actual sex. Soooo, yes, puberty is a neurochemical roller coaster/horror show for every member of the human race, you and me included, but is there some reason you have not considered sex, as in actual sex, as in finding another person who is interested in sex, and having it?

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