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Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by Sticky, Apr 22, 2018.

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    Sup guys, I don't frequent this forum very often but I have battled this addiction a long time as you can probably see I joined this forum many years ago.

    If you are caught in a cycle of addiction then I highly recommend attending a sex addicts anonymous group and working the 12 step program. Its very powerful and has a good success rate.

    I found connecting with addicts in person very powerful and its something id recommend incorporating into your recovery.
  2. GoldJacketLuke

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    Excellent advice! Having that social support and accountability is sooo helpful and effective.

    The 12 step program is awesome and proven to to be effective.
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  3. Joshua Shea

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    I would also add that for all of those people who say "A 12-step group will never work for me" that while you may be right, there is a lot of good to get from trying it out. I attend SAA meetings religiously, many time a week for a few months. When I relocated, the town I was in had one per week, and that group was very different than my first. I just didn't gel with them and had no other options. I also was the kind of person who said 12 steps would never work. I didn't do the steps, but was committed to recovery. The groups showed me that I was not alone and that a lot of people dealt with similar issues. In hearing stories of success, it proved to me it was possible. Despite the fact I didn't work the program, I got a lot out of being there. I certainly understand the criticisms of the program, but I think everyone in recovery should give it a try and take the positives that will help their individual recovery, because there are many to be found.
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    I must admit I don't click with everyone in the meetings however, listening to peoples stories and connecting face to face with them has been very, very powerful.

    I have slowly started to build a relationship with God and i am on the path to recovery (dont let the religious bit put you off, it is for everyone). I fought a solo battle against internet porn addiction and now I have support and people who can relate to my struggle.

    A 12 step saying is "we are powerless over our addiction" and I truly beleive this now - I spoke to a recovered drug and porn addict and they told me that coming off crack cocaine was easy compared to porn. This is what we are up against. I wish I had looked into the 12 steps when I first started this process, but I just assumed I could beat this with a bit of willpower, meditation and a porn filter. This thought process is detrimental, these things can only help so much, it sent me further down the rabbit hole and the illness only got worse. The 12 steps doesnt have a 100% suceess rate but if you have been trying to beat porn addiction for some time with no avail I hope you will consider this option.
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    Completely agree. All the best with your recovery.

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