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Turtles smell nice

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    Turtles smell nice


    THE DUH-DOF SCALE (measures your likelyhood for P success or anything in life)
    [​IMG]if you think something, say "i wont watch porn for the rest of my life" or "im gonna implement this habit, forever"
    What is your first emotional reaction on this scale:

    strong feelings of anxiety ------------------------------ no reaction ----------------------------------> "yeah i was gonna do it anyways (duh)"
    strong level of anxiety: 0% of success
    No emotional reaction:works but willpower needed, always running from it
    Yeah of course: Low willpower required, high success odds.

    Apply this scale to the the statement: "I will spend 4 hours in a room with no distraction and Im not allowed to meditate" to receive your Degree of Freedom ratio (DoF) (or free will ratio) - it measures your level of addictive behavior. True freedom is having a duh on this one. Which is, admittedly, very hard, but free will has to be earned.

    important to note: this reaction can change but does so very slowly, gotta work on your emotional trauma locked away, the anxiety is triggered when your subconscious realises that it cant numb itself enough anymore to sustain locking away your current level of trauma.
    There are areas inbetween but you will know where you land, should be rather obvious (if its hard to detect its somewhere around the middle)
    Book I used to improve my standing on the duh scale: The Completion Process by Teal Swan (7 Bucks on Amazon)