Author Topic: Semen Leakage – A Sign of Weak Parasympathetic Sexual Nerve  (Read 14318 times)


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I found this

If ejaculation-control-valve nerve is undercharged, you will feel your prostate become very unconformable and irritated after ejaculating...

The male orgasm is a wondrous thing. Through contractions, semen is released through the urethra. However, what is odd about this is that urine is supposed to travel through this tube. So doesn’t that mean that semen will become contaminated by traveling the same path that urine does? The answer is no because, precum, a lubricating, clear, sticky formula, cleans the urethra before ejaculation. However, what does it mean when precum is present long before a man hits the brink of orgasm?

Semen leakage is a sign of the weakening of the parasympathetic sexual nerve that keeps the ejaculation valve shut and hold the erection. Eventually maintaining of erection can be a problem.

For people with weak parasympathetic sexual nerves, 20-30 minutes of foreplay can drain their bioenergy. Erection is like a light bulb that continuously consumes energy. Once the bioelectric voltage in the parasympathetic nerve runs low, the penis will become limp. Long foreplay requires a powerful testosterone burst that burns continuously to charge the parasympathetic erection circuit. Otherwise, the erection will go limp or a man will ejaculate upon penetration or in a short time after few strokes.

Men who experience weak erections often rely on the tightening of the PC muscles in order to keep the erection alive. This puts added stress on the prostate gland and trains the PC muscles to contract, mimicking a state of orgasm that will open the ejaculation valve prematurely, allowing semen to leak. This contributes to premature ejaculation. Therefore, a firm erection is absolutely necessary when it comes to fighting premature ejaculation and seminal leaking.

However, to hold the erection up and tighten the ejaculation valve, you still need a basic resting potential in the parasympathetic sexual motoring nerve and a continuous burst and burning of testosterone to charge the nerves during sex. Testicular stimulation during intercourse can help the testosterone burst and burning to increase the penile power and combat seminal leakage that often contributes to premature ejaculation not to mention embarrassment in front of a sexual partner.

Health supplements such as Power E for older men or LastLonger III for younger men can improve maintaining erection by giving more natural testosterone as fuel for the parasympathetic sexual nerve. It is also recommended during the intake of Power E or Last Longer III to stop or decrease the frequency of ejaculation allowing ejaculation control valve to build strength.

If ejaculation-control-valve nerve is undercharged, you will feel your prostate become very unconformable and irritated after ejaculating. Both Power E and LastLonger III can give the parasympathetic nerve a full recharge in a short time after ejaculating, so that you don't need a nap or sleep to recharge the prostate's parasympathetic nerve.

By improving the quality of a man’s erection, feeding the tissues and nerves with nutrients and hormones, and strengthening the ejaculate valve, a man can overcome seminal leakage and no doubt conquer other sexual problems associated with leaking precum.

Article provided by Dr. N.K. Lin


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Re: Semen Leakage – A Sign of Weak Parasympathetic Sexual Nerve
« Reply #1 on: April 10, 2012, 08:02:21 PM »
I'm a little skeptical of Dr. Lin. He's known to whore out his products and makes a lot of outrageous claims.


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Re: Semen Leakage – A Sign of Weak Parasympathetic Sexual Nerve
« Reply #2 on: April 11, 2012, 02:40:45 AM »
I have also read about Dr. Lin i don't know if he is right or wrong and if his theory is true but i did notice by myself before the reboot that i had alot of symptoms Dr. Lin describes i had alot of precum never had so much precum before my erections were wery bad while watching porn i had ringing in my  ears well i still have it i have developed premature ejaculation, after orgasm i had a little pain and a strange feeling in my pelvis 2 times i also had blood in my semen that really freaked me out.
I really don't know if he is right but i did noticed this symptoms with me i think porn really changed my brain but overmastrubation gave me alot of problems too.