Author Topic: EXTREME Brain Fog, Adrenal Fatigue  (Read 1163 times)


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EXTREME Brain Fog, Adrenal Fatigue
« on: July 21, 2013, 03:07:47 AM »
Hey guys,
my first post here...
I've had "adrenal fatigue" or symptoms of that for the past 7 years, only getting worse with time, a constant, constant slope.

I've been 'jacking it' since I was 11yo. Never had any problems as a teenager, though I did get crazy migraines (with grey flashes covering my vision...) and some hypoglycemic symptoms after heavy exercise (basketball).
It wasn't until I was 19yo, when I picked up cigarette smoking and weed and also a nose piercing that the fatigue started...

But the point being:
though PMO apparently isn't the trigger, it does seem to hinder my potential recovery.
But I'm so exhausted all day, I feel like I'm floating around in my body, not really there...I'm so exhausted jacking it seems to be the only "way out" temporarily. It's a short-term drug...coz it feels so good, and for some reason it's so playful and fun to search around the internet for the best stuff out there.

The only thing I can confirm is that I do feel a 'crash' right after ejaculating. Like I've just released a bunch of energy out of me, and feel big pressure on my adrenal glands (lower back).

I've tried stopping for like a week before, but not seeing any results, resumed right back...I know, it's wrong to think that way...

Can anyone identify with this ? How long MINIMUM would it take for me to actually feel a difference from stopping ? Anything else to add ?

Many thanks,
btw I'm 27 now and a dude.