Worst case ed ....I think os not pied

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  1. Rangerover

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    I'm 37 and quite desperate because my special condition. I began MO at the age of nine without porn or erotic magazines and neither i didnt think about girls. I just was looking for a great feeling that I discovered on my own( now i know dopamine, right?)

    As a lot of people from here, i clenched my legs and calf muscles for exciting and come to O as quickly as possible. I was masterbating this way since eight months ago when I found looking for internet about ED pages and forums like this. So I thought my fucked problem was severe pied but after 8 months with no PMO and zero improvements I've realized my issue Must be another. My dick is always flaccid, i have to touch me and masterbating to get a 60% erection in PMO, MO or with sex and i dont have arousal when I see Girls.

    I have visited urologist, and everything is physically perfect, include a penis dopler that costed me 200 euros. :( Sugar levels ok, 133 cholesterol, testosterone ok.... This situation is quite desperating. All the doctors tell me everything is perfect but my penis has not signs of Life, even with testogel®. With Viagra® i get 80% erection but i need constant fapping to keep It. Well sometimes i get ti ppenetrate and O. But It's a fucked nightmare, and everyday i wake up with the same thinking in my mind. Fuck! Im 37 and sexual power of a grandpa.

    I have to say that when i was 15, i suffered a really bad trip with marihuana and i developed panic attacks, dp/Dr, HPPD, Vs, anxiety, depression...And until today i still have anxiety and HPPD, that's because i take 1 pill of lorazepam and1 of deprax/day. I Guess this drugs affect the channels of dopamine?

    Well, I've read in this fórum that there's a lot of people whom quitting PMO doesnt work for them and they do reverse kegels, meditation,yoga and things like that.
    Is this true? Does It really woks? Is that what happens to me since a lot of time?

    Please, i need help because i need to fix me finally. My Life has no sense without good sex experiences. I need a bit of Hope because im really tired to fight.

    Thanks in advanced and sorry about my english.
  2. Marksanchez

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    Lorazepan don't cause that severe ED, but what happened when you don't take It?
    Nevertheless there are three meds that not only can cause it but their sexual dice effects (ED even with porn, loss libido, genital numbnes...) can persist for years after its discontinuation. They are:
    -SSRI (Antidepressants)
    -Propecia/Finasteride (Anti-hairloss)
    -Accutane (Anti-acné)
    Besides some poder antipsychotics/neuroleptics can cause this because they work similar to SSRI.
    So, did you take any of these meds anytime in the past?
  3. Rangerover

    Rangerover New Member

    No, never. So I think may be any problem related to overmasturbation that has caused some disease in my pelvic and muscles and nerves,and because the porn, the pathways of dopamine reward. Please i hace read similar cases in the forums...Could you help me?

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