Withdrawal symptoms are back... Update after 2 years... Any old pals still here??

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by auzzie_mikey, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. auzzie_mikey

    auzzie_mikey Member

    Hey guys just thought I'd touch base with you. Currently on day 24. I thought I'd never be back here again cause I thought my withdrawals had disappeared and I thought I'd never have those bad mental symptoms again.

    I can confirm the worst withdrawal symptoms are back for me. Weakness, unexplained tiredness, sleepiness, brain fog, social anxiety... All the symptoms are back. Definitely better than 2014 and not as bad as back then.

    I have been to doctors getting blood tests and throat tests to see if my immune system is weak or something. Doctor found nothing wrong. Just plain withdrawals again.

    Hope this pain gets better.
  2. Freedom from Servitude

    Freedom from Servitude Active Member

    Hi Mikey,

    Good to see you back, but sorry that it is for this reason. When you say you are on day 24, do you mean that you have relapsed and the withdrawal symptoms have come back?

    I have symptoms that are typical of PAWS. I am not sure whether they are PAWS or the result of other conditions at this stage in my recovery, eg. unrelated anxiety and depression.
  3. Big Lebowski

    Big Lebowski Member

    Hey mate. Good to see you on here. Yea I’ve been on this forum on and off for six years and still have withdrawals. I’m on day 159 and it is getting better. Still have Pied. Is it me or does one relapse set you back to square one again? For me, this really is a 110% commitment to never watch porn again if I want to get better.

    I’m too scared to MO because it might delay withdrawal or make it worse.
  4. jack91

    jack91 Find your way throuh Staff Member

    @Big Lebowski you really still have pied? Mine cured after lets see 3 years of _trying_ to stop porn. Seems something of an good luck has happened to me!
  5. Big Lebowski

    Big Lebowski Member

    Yea man. I have been relapsing ever since I found this forum in 2012. I have had some long streaks a few hundred plus, not much really changed in that time maybe a few spontaneous and a few morning woods.

    One relapse sends me back down a rabbit hole in withdrawal.
  6. jack91

    jack91 Find your way throuh Staff Member

    Thats just mental. Its unbelievable that we have to deal with this bs! I really did get better tough. I guess it just takes long enough solid streak and when/ if relapses happen they are not with porn. That way those pathways doesn't reactivate.. It comes down to Dedication and luck! Good luck to you!
  7. auzzie_mikey

    auzzie_mikey Member

    Hey Freedom, yes I have been relapsing on and off during the 3 years. But now I'm on day 30. Yes between July 2015 - February 2018 I didn't have withdrawals, was feeling fine.

    Fell into withdrawals and feeling bad symptoms mentally everyday now.

    For me PAWS is definitely due to PMO.
  8. auzzie_mikey

    auzzie_mikey Member

    That's exactly what my case is right now man. I'm feeling quite bad mentally without PMOing. If I PMO once, I'll die down a rabbit hole and go down beyond the depths of this earth.

    Trying to hold on and remain strong.

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