Why i'm speaking slowly ? Like in slowmotion ?

Discussion in 'Social Advice' started by aesthetics, May 27, 2016.

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    Hi guys. How ya doin?
    Why i'm speaking slowly ? Like in slowmotion ? I hate that because people joke about that. I'm afraid to talk because of that. I hear myself normally but people say that i'm speaking very slow.. :(
    Girls look at me a lot but when i start talking they start looking shocked lmao :D. But seriously people are fucking with me because of that.. Everyone starts talking very slow when they see me and it's very depressing.
    Do you have any idea what's going on guys ? How can i fix that.. People laugh at me and i never had a girlfriend. I had a change and still have because one slutty girls likes me, she's in my class lol and i did some crazy things before but the thing is that the other girls just ignore me because of that. :(
  2. Londoner

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    Do you have a stammer or other speech impediment? Not sure who might be able to tell you for sure, but your doctor could perhaps refer you.
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    Can you post a clip?
  4. pieterarons15

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    Talking slowly is a sign of charisma and power.

    There is a quote of "powerful people talk slow and the powerless people who operate them talk fast"

    Talking slowly and even making silences at youre sentences makes you more interesting and charismatic. Imagine if one of youre idols you like would talk slowly to you and give his full atention to you. You would feel great.

    Same goes with woman and people. If someone thinxs you are powerfull and you talk slow it gives a certain energy

    Those people who are complaining you are talking to slow are probably feeling you have more "power" and thats a good thing. So no you shouldn't change it.

    Ever watched movies of steve mqueen? sometimes he doesn't even say things if someone ask him and if he does he does it slowly and he is mister cool...

    Woman like emotions and by talking slowly you can give them a certain emotion. You give them the chills and thatss a good thing.

    If you walk to a girl you will be nervous and talk faster so if you talk slow motion you wil automaticly talk better to girls.
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