What's up with smaller flaccid penis size?

Discussion in 'Erectile Dysfunction / Delayed Ejaculation' started by alldonewiththat, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. alldonewiththat

    alldonewiththat New Member

    I know from past experience that during flatline my flaccid penis shrinks very small, and when I feel more libido it seems more engorged.

    1. What's going on here?
    2. To those who recovered, did you flaccid size eventually stabilize at a larger size?
  2. Gibson

    Gibson New Member

    High prolactin --> low dopamine --> same reaction as you should have after an orgasm. It is just prolonged. Caused mainly because your body is graving the dopamine shot it is used to, ejaculating. Also if you have masturbated with intense 'grip' to your penis it mau have causes some tissue damage. You will heal 100%.


    Btw if you want to cure small flaccid very effectively just take some vitamin b complex to lower the prolactin quickly. Magnesium and Zinc helps also. Also the sex drive return as the small flaccid disappears often as this means normal prolactin levels.

    Basically you can cure the hard flaccid and return your libido in one day just by taking Multivitamin (if the suggested dose is one pill/day, you might want to take couple days the double dosage as normal water soluble vitamins arent dangerous in short periods) that has vitamin B, like b6, and b12 most importantly as they lower prolactin.

    ITLBOK New Member

    After I quit PMO my penis was cold, shriveled, and deflated. After about 4 or 5 months it started to return to normal, but around that time I did start taking a vitamin B-Complex supplement b/c I read it helped with nerve damage. My flaccid definitely feels fuller and less deflated, but I am also dealing with a Hard Flaccid.
  4. alldonewiththat

    alldonewiththat New Member

    Thanks. Definitely don't have a hard flaccid penis. Though this reminds me I ought to take some more B vitamins, as I had a deficiency when testsed.
  5. Xams2387

    Xams2387 New Member

    Dude this does not work at all. I've had hard flaccid for 20 months and been on vitaminb complexes on and off and it doesn't fix it
  6. Dan82

    Dan82 New Member

    taking isolated concentrated vitamins/minerals is causing nutritional imbalances in body... studies are showing that you can increase risk of cancers or other diseases.

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