what is longest flatline you guys had ?( please respond for support)

Discussion in 'Erectile Dysfunction / Delayed Ejaculation' started by recoveringaddict26, Sep 12, 2012.

  1. recoveringaddict26

    recoveringaddict26 New Member

    Also, please provide some details. like, did you guys even have any urge at all to masturbate or anything? would you guys even get a slight arousal when touching down there?

    for me its completely nonexistent again.
  2. Hello Penis My Old Friend

    Hello Penis My Old Friend Well-Known Member

    I had a 14 day flat line before I gave in and had a tug.

    It was pretty unnerving but I wanted to just wait it out. I'm now on day 3 after the relapse and still in flat line.

    Sometimes I get the odd twinge in the loins if I see a hot girl but otherwise it may as well be a false dick.

    BAMBAM New Member

    Hmmm, around 40 days or so.
  4. Dre93

    Dre93 New Member

    Sup man

    Well Im 7 weeks into my reboot today and no relapses, and to be honest I havent had the urge to masturbate either, the first week it was difficult but after its been relatively easy. Im not cured yet as my morning wood hasn't returned and my penis isn't at full erection when it does go up. So I could count myself lucky that for not having an urge or this could just be a massive flatline stage.
    I think it varies person to person so theres no real pattern to base your flatline on.
    Also my sensitivity is slowly coming back I put some cream down there for moisturization as I hear it helps the return of sensitvity and I got a slight erection, I mean it was still quite bendy but it shows improvement so im happy. Just wait times the healer just let your body do what it needs to do.
  5. NoFapForever

    NoFapForever New Member

    I just did 105 days of the reboot with no relapse. The first two months I experienced flat line, libido. Flat line, libido. Time is a healer.. so take the time. Also, take advantage of any chance you may actually get with a REAL girl...cause who knows what will happen.

    If nothing is happening down there.. Just back off & wait some more time. Simple.
  6. livefreeordiehard

    livefreeordiehard New Member

    6 weeks so far.
  7. superduper

    superduper break the chains of porn

    i flatlined for about 100 days, with a couple days in there with a full libido.
    It's craziness.
  8. ironworld

    ironworld New Member

    My flatline has lasted for around 3 weeks so far (possibly more, as I only noticed the flatline when I didn't get morning wood for a few days). It happened after probably 10-15 days of uber horniness - then I moved back home (I was house sitting) and the social interaction kept me distracted - then out of nowhere I hit flatline.

    I think my libido is VERY VERY slowly coming back, but it's annoying as hell now that I have a girlfriend. I met her at the start of my flatline (well, 1 week after) so she's getting the full brunt of it too :(
  9. GGZ

    GGZ New Member

    Basically my flatline started the day i started my reboot until now. 42 days. However last week i noticed some improvements in libido. The high libido days only last one day...
  10. bigproblem

    bigproblem New Member

    I think flatline time is the time that you heal the most.
  11. CidGuerreiro

    CidGuerreiro Active Member

    AFAIK, the flatline is your brain shutting down for a recovery time, so being in one is not a bad thing.
  12. Pedigree

    Pedigree Active Member

    Probably about 3-4 weeks. It was a weird period consisting of several phases:
    Phase 1: Dick is flatlining, brain is horny
    Phase 2: Both dick and brain is flatlining
    Phase 3: Dick is horny, brain is flatlining
  13. fugu

    fugu "You know, feelin' good, livin' betta." :) Staff Member

    I'm about 8 weeks in and still flat-lining. I did masturbate twice though, but without P. And a few wet dreams (but who knows what the does exactly).
  14. bigproblem

    bigproblem New Member

    In all honesty I have had ED for so long, as far as I can remember that Im realistically on a flatline for like 20 years.
  15. Ocguy

    Ocguy Member

    2 weeks and then i start checking a little bit and pull myself out of it.. Not good..

    But I get really depressed and moody and antisocial when my dick is dead.. i feel like shit when this happens..like miserable.

    There must be some other chemicals involved when I flatline. But since It seems that I'm in a perpetual flatline I haven't felt really happy in like 2 years.. Where I can take on anything, highly motivated etc etc..

    I have to pay the price and just deal with it I think.. Edging and or O fucks up the progress..

    It's really not about porn at this point.. it's more of a sexually exhausted issue.. Porn brought it on no doubt but it's beyond that now..
  16. Hello Penis My Old Friend

    Hello Penis My Old Friend Well-Known Member

    Same here. As soon as I passed my previous no PMO max I entered a real flatline, all shrivelled and lifeless. Normally I'd give it a tug too but determined to sit this one out.
  17. aintnosunshine

    aintnosunshine New Member

    3 weeks starting day 24 of no PMO. Then two weeks of moderate libido. Now, another one - 50 days and counting.
  18. MPT Beauregard

    MPT Beauregard Had we but world enough, and time...

    This is exactly what I'm going through right now. Phase 1 - I feel absolutely nothing in my dick, but my brain is always thinking about P.
  19. NewNoFap

    NewNoFap New Member

    Yikes! I'm reading in this post that people are in a flatline for a matter of months? So it's not uncommon for for the majority of a 90 day reboot to be in a state of flatline? I was hoping it would last a week or two. In a flatline, if you were about to have sex with a girl would it be worse then the pre-nofap ED? :eek:
  20. grzeg12

    grzeg12 New Member

    from october I was in flatline something like month, next I had one week erections, and then flatline again/

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