What are your triggers?

Discussion in 'Ages 25-29' started by TJ3, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. TJ3

    TJ3 New Member

    I haven't PMO'd in over 100 days. One thing I learned the last three months that helped is to avoid triggers. These harmless looking things can make you relapse or PMO in the blink of an eye. You might not even notice unless you are aware of your personal triggers.

    TV shows
    some magazines
    Late night television
    Facebook stalking
    Online dating
    Certain websites and forums about drinking, drugs, sex, alternative lifestyles or with sexual undertones
    Google Images
    Mindless browsing
    Clicking social media click bait/links
    Seemingly harmless youtube videos with hot, attractive people in them, especially wearing exposing clothes or no clothes
    staying up late
    Un-planned weekends, Friday nights
    Entitlement (love, intimacy, being with someone, getting laid)
    Feeling rejected
    low self-esteem/ feeling unloved, lonely, inadequate, etc.
    gawking at strangers, co workers, etc.
    Putting yourself in a position to be rejected
    Flirting with people you realistically have no chance with
    i.e. checking out strangers
    One night stands/hooking up
    heavy making out
    hunting for sex (what happens if you fail)
    expecting sex
    certain friends
    lack of friends
    lack of meaningful relationships (join a social group, meetup, fitness club, etc.)
    Gyms, spas, locker rooms, unisex saunas/hot tubs
    touching, even just a little
    stimulating other parts of body
    loud neighbors or roommates (listen to music or go for a walk)
    smells, odors or fragrances
    Lack of planned/habitual stress reducers (eating regularly/healthy, exercising, sleeping, laughing, hanging out, sports, hobbies, crafts)
  2. joeygc

    joeygc Member

    smoking weed.
    exceptionally fit women in public.
    the internet.
  3. Jaxon

    Jaxon New Member

    lovely voluptuous women.

    Big titties. Lovely tig ol' bitties.
  4. Luke1984

    Luke1984 New Member

    My triggers have generally been:

    Meetme(kinda like a dating site)
    Datehookup.com(don't even go on that shit anymore, thinking of deleting my account from it)
    Fit women in public(especially around spring and summertime)
    Tv shows
    Depression(it's mild now)
    Laying in bed with laptop
    Staying inside too much!
    When taking showers
    Flirting with women
  5. For me its a combination of:

    TV shows - if they have sexual content in them
    Certain websites about sex
    Google Images
    Un-planned weekends, Friday nights - especially if feeling low at that time
    low self-esteem/ feeling unloved, lonely, inadequate, etc.
    exes - can have a big effect if you've just broken up
    Peeking - something that easily leads to PMO
    alcohol - usually has an effect the day after drinking. Any alcohol in my system definitely affects my decision making
  6. Jaxon

    Jaxon New Member

    Don't ever go to shady massage parlors.. i learnt from my mistake. Thankfully i got the f#$# outta there.
  7. new_1

    new_1 Guest

    Sometimes I feel like I can be triggered by anything around me.
    However, the most important thing is to learn how to let a bad mood pass. I'm prone to make something stupid whenever I feel vulnerable and misunderstood. But most situations are actually not as desperate as they appear in the first place.
  8. Tsulong

    Tsulong Guest

    The trigger comes from inside me. However, having a smartphone allows me to act on a trigger at anytime. Last time I relapsed, it was a sudden impulse that came over me. Literally a warmth in my lower abdomen, followed by a strong pull to want to take my phone into the bedroom and start fapping madly. I should have went and did a set of bench press or pullups in the basement when I felt the urge. For me, if I don't do something right away when a sudden powerful triggerless urge hits, it will be too strong for me to resist. Why such a powerful urge? Because it means you have powerful sexual energy and if you don't waste it you can transmute or sublimate it to become extremely successful in anything you want!

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