**Weekly Challenge Thread (Week 6)**

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by NatureHeals, Jan 22, 2017.

  1. Caesura

    Caesura Member

    Where is NatureHeals? He hasn't been active since Feb 5, apparently. That's what his profile says.

    I didn't really eat enough vegetables this time, so I'm not gonna pass myself. Gotta try harder...

    On the plus side, I haven't used porn in over a month now, and that's partly from this challenge.
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  2. NewTerritories

    NewTerritories virtual

    Just updated my journal.

    Week: success. Weekend: fail.

    For the coming week:

    1. No PMO (edit: I mean, no P or M. Sex is fine. If improbable.)
    2. Keep track of dating site usage
    3. Limit dating site/app usage -- at least two consecutive days off

    Applying moderation to my dating site usage to help prevent sexual overstimulation which might increase PMO temptation. And cut down on the timewasting factor.
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  3. yearofchange

    yearofchange Your actions matter.

    The masterful illusion of self-gratification.
  4. Londoner

    Londoner Active Member

    Completed my challenge for this past week. It continues into the coming week: no P or MO at all.
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  5. RestlessVoice

    RestlessVoice it isn't personal

    Still going, onwards into this new week, no P.M.O and also going to try no O until Sunday. Anyone that practices Tantra or Karezza in this thread?
  6. RestlessVoice

    RestlessVoice it isn't personal

    Had anybody messaged Nature heals to see if he's still going to moderate this thread?
  7. yearofchange

    yearofchange Your actions matter.

    It is quite a bit of work to moderate this thread I imagine. I'm sure he'll get around to it when he has the time. Do you believe it really needs much moderating and tending to, though?
  8. RestlessVoice

    RestlessVoice it isn't personal

    Probably not as long as participants are checking in updating progress & being honest about relapses etc.

    I was just concerned about NH that's all..
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  9. riptide

    riptide Member

    I feel victorious, however I didn't reach my goal. I am getting there though. The goal is literally perfection, but I can do it. I've been at 100% today, I can do 6 more days and give you an update of success :). Wish me luck.
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  10. RestlessVoice

    RestlessVoice it isn't personal

    Moving forward into week 8 I had a near miss the other day and confess to peeking..I know what triggered me though and hope to avoid that in future. Anyway I'm filling out my journal more and engaging in other posts. Been tempted to start up counter again but no need if I've got this thread to help me keep count.
  11. Outsider.

    Outsider. Turning Simple Disciplines Into Massive Success

    3rd week with no P, no MO.
    No useless Internet browsing either.
    Have been productive at work also.
  12. Michael84

    Michael84 Member

    One of the best of my weeks. No peeking, less arousing thoughts.. Clean, generally speaking.
  13. Londoner

    Londoner Active Member

    Clean for me too!
  14. RestlessVoice

    RestlessVoice it isn't personal

    Wish I could say the same, peeking has lead to edging but managed to stop myself damn I feel foolish.
  15. yearofchange

    yearofchange Your actions matter.

    Wow nice job guys!

    Cant say the same for me, but im getting back on track.
  16. Goingforit

    Goingforit New Member

    Moving into my first week i feel great that i dealt with reality.moving forward and taking everyday at a time. Im not doing what i love just yet. But im going to work towards it. Slef doubt is a killer
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  17. Goingforit

    Goingforit New Member

    I aint going to lie but i just dont get life sometimes shit aint just fucking fair im just so mad pissed right now and i just dont get it....i really dont. I just feel like a side piece and never on anyones heart or mind. I hate my life right now no one says shit... its just dead fucking dead. Im sorry for the rant but when people dont deserve shit and i dont get nothing its not fair
  18. Goingforit

    Goingforit New Member

    1 week today hurray. Argh i messed up
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