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Discussion in 'Ages 40+' started by Saville, May 15, 2016.

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    After 10 years of taking ppi's I'm off them. It wasn't easy, as the rebound effect is a fucking bitch! Along with diet I'm still taking the odd ranitidine and gaviscon. I knew ppi's were poison, but I had zero motivation to stop them. They allowed me to drink wine, eat shit, and not have to pay consequences. When I was doing P I really just couldn't have cared less about the long-term affects of these drugs. And, here's an interesting thing: since stopping the ppi's I can now taste my food more. :cool: Food is more tactile, sensuous even. I used to just scarf it down and never really paid much attention to the taste. Food was good or bad, and that was it. I'm so thrilled that another area of my life has gotten better. I didn't need discipline to stop. I just made a plan and followed through.

    I've been sick with a bad cold and laryngitis :(, which makes the wife happy, because I'm not talking. :mad: Well, once I'm well I'll make up for lost time. heh heh The wife got sick first so we haven't had sex in two weeks. I'm hoping we can have a shag today, being that we're both off work. She said she feels gross, but I wrote her a note "hey, babe, let me stick you...I need it!" I found it hilarious. She frowned and made a motion like it's not going to happen. Well, we'll see. :p
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    Duuuude! That's awesome. PPI's can inhibit stomach acid, which is essential to absorbing everything you eat!
    Quitting P has massive repercussions because you can't quit P without getting your house in order. Success breeds success.
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    So true! :)

    I've been clean one year and almost seven months. We've talked about 18 months being the gold standard and I think that's true. My memory is better than it was even four months ago, which is huge. P can manifest physical/mental symptoms in a number of different ways. 40, you talk about your nasal cycle, which seems unique to you and Bobo. For me, my memory was garbage and now it isn't. I know this is a direct result of me stopping PMO and MO. Why would that be? Well, I'm guessing I'm sleeping much better. My physical body is no longer so stressed out and this has allowed the quality of my sleeping to get better. It has taken me almost a year and a half to get to the point where I can see/feel the difference with regard to my sleep and memory. This shows how vital it is to stay the course, and not believe for a second that a few months away from the devils P and M will heal all that needs healing. The clarity of my thinking is greater, as well. I would say that this clarity even extends to my exercise. I can now feel my body more acutely. It's weird, but it feels like I'm tuned in to my muscles as I lift weights. I was a big time lifter previously, but I never felt the muscles like I do now.

    Since stopping P and M:

    -I do more around the house
    -I took on greater responsibility at work, just because I felt like it
    -I don't wait for myself to feel motivated, I just do what needs done now
    -memory is better
    -all around feeling of wellness is considerably better
    -feel happy at times for no reason
    -re-established relations with the wifey
    -pecker works/sex is mostly good
    -general thinking is much improved

    These are just a few things, because there are many more. I'm excited to see how I feel in 5 more months when I'll hit the 2 year mark. I believe the changes will keep right on happening, as more and more baggage falls away. The fact that we are still standing should be inspiring, because the amount of weight we carry as addicts, with all its rationalization and defeatism, is huge.

    Much love!
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    Well done, Saville! This is great and a huge motivation for me. Thanks for beeing here.
  5. NCBob

    NCBob The 11th commandment: Thou shalt not peek:-)

    That is some great stuff, Saville:) Way to keep forging ahead, and for being an inspiration for those of us following your lead:D

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