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    I think a real life meeting for recovering UK porn addicts would be an effective way to combat some of the fears that porn plays off and worsens. Fears like being alone but also being rejected by other people.

    The social anxiety can be met head on within a social environment with other recovering addicts who can offer stories of hope and support.

    Porn addiction can be very isolating and a great way to re-energise those social muscles would be to meet others who are on the level with you and enjoy open, honest conversation about successes and failures.

    If porn is driving us away from human interaction then let's do the opposite, meet up and start a support group.

    I'm based in Surrey so I can travel to London easily enough. Let me know what you think. Hiring a room cheaply for one event is dead easy.
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    A fellow recovering addict from Guildford has been in touch so we're going to meet there for the first meeting. Feel free to come along. The day of the meet hasn't been finalised so will let you know when that will be soon.

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