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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by WGA83, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. WGA83

    WGA83 New Member

    hi guys,

    just wondered if anyone used or had any experience with l-arginine or other supplements for ed?

    do they work? And if so what was taken and dosage etc

    any feedback will be greatly appreciated

    cheers in advance
  2. JW86

    JW86 New Member

    Hey, WGA,

    Supplements are of very limited use if the E.D. is due to the use of pornography.

    Yes, I have found l-arginine in ranges of 2-3g per day can increase morning wood, sexual responsiveness, etc.

    Many other supplements can also help - but as I say, to a very limited degree if suffering from Porn Induced Erectile Dysfunction.
  3. Tseldo

    Tseldo Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I don't have ED, but I've heard oat straw (in tea) can help.

    I wouldn't try any type of viagra though...
  4. breath

    breath Member

    best natural remedy is exercise. I can't say enough how brisk walks of 20 minutes or more did for my energy and erections. And sleep. If I am ill then it's really good to not expect great erections. I try to exercise and sleep, and eat well, if i do that I'm usually good to go. with a couple of mg cialis the boners are instant and long lasting.. but I don't need it unless i want to have sex/orgasm on consecutive days, and perform extra well. With a more patient sensual partner it'd be easier. I'm 50. Some woman are more aware and saavy of normal fluctuations than others. o yea. i did take maca in drinks. i think it may have helped general well being. i liked it as part of the daily diet. hard to say definatively about it though. I also have taken DHEA. I have stopped as it is a hormone and my opinion has gone back and forth from thinking it is the fountain of youth to thinking that it may make my heart beat a bit fast and not being sure if it was helping or whether it was the concurrent exercise. i may try some DHEA again this week as i've been lethargic.. but then again i've not been exercising... maybe i'll get a bottle, but just exercise and then taking it this weekend as i will be out of town working and will see if it helps vitality
  5. Complex

    Complex Member

    Theres no point in taking ED supplements until you are ready.

    Ginseng does give you that aware/horny feeling.

    but if I'm honest you don't want to do it. it causes urges and some people can't handle it and relapse.

    By all means try it if u can handle it but i noticed by it making me horny i got wet dreams...

    trust me you don't want to be getting them on a regularly basis.

    I don't know what point in the reboot you are but Its not gonna make you wanna have sex and you will depress you when it doesn't work.


    Didn't realise how old this was. For the people reading keep this in mind
  6. breath

    breath Member

    I didn't notice anything with a good dose of l-arginine a few years back. Nothing.

    Exercise helped a lot.
    In fact it helped more than any other natural remedy by far. It helps the spirit, mind, cardiovascular, hormones get pumping (a manly feeling I mean) - it helps everything, plus it's free I don't pay or go to work out under florescent lighting on electric powered treadmills when there are beautiful parks streets full of interesting people, cafe, dog parks etc.... using the body, getting out of the desk chair really can bring out the sexual animal, and trump worrying - which my worst enemy.

    I should say that i'm 50, had my first ED around 48, so it could have been a mixture of aging, an off night, being tired, out of shape, out of touch with the wife, in a hurry etc.

    Porn was part of my lifestyle then but I don't think it was really all about the pathways and receptors to the extent that it was my number one problem factor, but safe to say that porn was having a big bad effect on my lifestyle, spirits, physical condition, amount of sleep. (I guess I believe - PIED theory notwithstanding - that the greatest issue of modern humans is unnatural lifestyle leading to all kinds of dysfunction not just ED. Out of shape modern humans can't run, breathe normally, they can't think as fast, have chronic backaches and ailments that were born at desk chairs etc.... so when one considers that breathing, and keeping a pulse, drinking water and eating are at the top of the list of things that keep us going things like keeping the ability to get an erection would be way down of the list of things we NEED to survive - so ED among modern men is not surprising at all is it?!

    Ginseng, yohimbe, in retrospect made my ED worse, because they made me jittery. The jitters have always been enough to shut down my erectile response. Others may have a different result based on their constitution/condition

    Maca may have helped in a subtle way - hard to say - except that it was part of smoothies and an exercise regime - all of which definitely helped me get pretty decent erections for a 50 year old. I liked the taste and smell in smoothies - some folks don't. I hated ashwadanga - I take it because i still have some - not sure of any effect..

    the turkey's who planted links for generic pde 5's are just trying to do busine$$.

    But i will say that stuff worked for me.. big time.. and I could use a tiny dose tadalafil/cialis. but it does give headaches, for me if I go over they 4-6 mg range. Usually i take like a tiny 2 mg chunk and notice a great effect after 3 hours. I'm OK without if rested and in shape like I've said , but (I still use as a recreational drug sometimes when I want to be super hard just for kicks-ego-plasing the wife- it can delay ejaculation which i enjoy too). But the effect will lessen slightly over time, and I enjoy exercising and getting results through getting good sleep, keeping good shape, and thirdly keeping a good diet.. And my mind works better and I get more done around the house and at my job - I get pathetically lethargic without exercise.
  7. fathomer

    fathomer New Member

    2 steps

    1 take yohimbine HCL when fasting

    2 and get more NO in the blood by eating more nitrates(spinach, rhubarb, etc) Viagra/any pde5 inhibitor needs lots of nitrictic oxide in the blood to work
  8. YellowMinion

    YellowMinion Member

    I get some benefit taking ArginMax which is mostly L-Arginine. I have to take it for a few day straight to get an benefit. It really only helps with stiffness, but not getting an erection. I use Maca and Korean Ginseng (specifically Korean.)

    You can check out this one:
    Some are easy to get like Amino acids tyrosine and phenylalanine, Folic acid and thiamine (B1), Chromium, Ginkgo biloba, Acetyl-L-carnitine, Omega-3 fatty acids, Manganese, B Vitamins.
    Although note that Acetyl-L-carnitine actually reduces libido for me temporarily since it uses up all of your free testosterone, but it's good therapy to help with your androgen receptors and the affect is only temporary.

    Lastly, I find that L-Arginine helps ED drugs be more effective, or so it seems. Since L-Arginine helps with Nitric Oxide levels which are necessary to keep an erection, the ED drugs help with blood flow down there. L-Arginine really only helps with defficincy of L-Arginine but at least you know you're not deficient.
    Also L-Citrulline helps you produce L-Arginine consistently, so it's good to take some of that too.

    Oh, I take 3G of L-Arginine through arginmax. I only take Arginmax for some of the other stuff in it and because I got in on a killer sale at GNC. Otherwise just getting L-Arginine is more cost effective.
  9. fathomer

    fathomer New Member

    pros and cons of arginine

    take citrullene is better

    but really look at your overall health!

    ED drugs and boners work using NO.
    you get NO from foods, like rhubarb, spinach, broccoli

    If your body isnt making enough NO, then clean out arterial plaque, as it is the endothelium in arties that makes NO

    10+ grams vit C
    vit K

    Ie Pauling Therapy willl clean you up
  10. YellowMinion

    YellowMinion Member

    I actually take L-Citrulline as well as L-Arginine or sometimes just L-Citrulline. Lately I haven't not been taking it with ArginMax and I've still a positive improvement. I don't know why I didn't think to mention it.

    I actually have one bottle that each tablet is 500mg of both. L_Citrulline will provide your pancreas with the ability to produce L-Arginine and (and L-Orthinine) which allow you to maintain healthy consistent levels of L_Arginine. L_Arginine has a short half-life so it's really only effective around the time you take it. That being said, when I take ArginMax for 2-3 day straight, I notice better performance but that may be attributed to other ingredients in the ArginMax or simply Placebo :-\ L-Arginine does appear to increase NO levels in your body so I think there is a short-term cumulative benefit to taking it.

    I admittedly don't know a lot about the science behind it and there's plenty of reading to do to learn more.

    I have been taking this lately:
    3G of ArginMax (1.5G twice a day.) including the day before sex. Also L-Citrulline when I think of it.
    Maca twice a day, once a few hours before sex, including day before sex.
    Korean Ginseng the afternoon before evening sex.
    Horny Goat Weed Complex (a mixture of stuff) a with the Korean Ginseng
    Avanafil (ED drug Stendra) 1-3 hours before sex.

    That's throwing a lot of stuff at it pretty randomly, but get pretty horny and pretty hard and I'm good to go. I just happen to have all of that stuff (and more.) Though if sex doesn't pan out for me it can be pretty frustrating.

    I really think L-Arginine and/or L-Citrulline helps the effectiveness of avanafil (Stendra) or tadalafil (Cialis)
    Oddly, 6-12 hours later (after evening sex) I seem to have almost uncontrollable spontaneous erections. I don't know if it's the timing of my supplements or the delayed effect of the ED drugs. Or it's the combination of higher testosterone levels due to sleep (testosterone is produced during sleep.)

    I guess it's worth noting that these days if I took nothing that these days I'd probably still perform adequately. (That wasn't the case for a few month.) But I've been supplementing to make sure I can keep it up and fully hard longer and it helps with performance anxiety. It has just improved my sex life.
  11. fathomer

    fathomer New Member

    right, are you 150yrs old?
    why do you need dick pills to get it up?

    what's the underlying cause to no boners?
    lack of Nitric oxide.
    not enough nitrates in your food and/or your endothelium is full of plauques and you are unable to make NO
    since you take citriline/argine, and that does SOMETHing, that might be in, sounds like you arent eating proper veggies/fruit to have available nitrates in your diet

    nitrates in your diet help your total health, look at the link that talks about how eating a proper diet of fruits/veggies(high in nitrates)

    argin max looks like a multivitamin with some argine in it,(3 grams?) HHAHAHH holy cow what a waste of money

    since you dont understand science
    take it from someone who understands human phyisiology,
    1st stop watching porn, that's likely why you can't get it up for girls

    next-treat the underlying cause of your ED issues, don't try to treat the symptoms
    which means treat the porn addiction first, then get your body into better shape
  12. ethan115

    ethan115 New Member

    I've tried the Generic versions of Viagra and Cialis for several years buying them at For me the Viagra gets me harder but the Cialis lasts much longer. I need hard more than duration so I normally go with Viagra, but age is probably a factor. Never had any issues with them.
  13. lylemcd

    lylemcd Member

    Yohimbe FAQ
    it works
    take it fasting
    be healthy
  14. breath

    breath Member

    Yohimbe tea made my heart race like I've never felt - be careful ! It did NOTHING for my erections (they are better now years later - for other reasons). I've experienced jitters from too much coffee and had adrenaline shots in the Emergency ward - this was worse - heart was racing almost called an ambulance.. Someone was mentioning the differences Yohimbe/ Yohimbine and how it could have been the problem - which doesn't make sense as the racing heart problem showed clearly that it WAS 'working' - just in a really bad way - and not in the way that I wanted... just saying don't get hasty and take a lot. Because once you have taken too much you can't untake it!!
  15. Wabi-sabi

    Wabi-sabi Imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete

    If it's porn-related ED, the only cure is time rebooting. (Exercise also helps, as Breath noted above.)

    I had complete and total ED - even porn stopped working for me. It took probably four or five months of rebooting until I could manage a semi, and then things gradually improved from there until around 12 months when everything was working like normal. One thing I noticed, part way along, was morning wood returned - a huge relief, as I realized the problem was not physical, it was in my brain.

    I remember the strangeness of the early days of PIED - trying to will my brain to be stimulated by touch when all it wanted was pictures on a screen.

    So give it time, and try not to worry about it - especially, don't feel like less of a man for it all. It will all come back to you.

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