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  1. heavenward

    heavenward Member

    Probably the best efficient way to actually STOP an addiction, a harmful habit, is to increase SEROTONIN in your brain (hormone that regulates your consumption, contrary to Dopamine).

    One natural supplement increasing SEROTONIN I found is Tryptophane, it also increases energy.

    Feel free to share other natural hacks to increase it.
  2. saneagain

    saneagain New Member

    What is natural about it? You suggest buying supplements?
  3. heavenward

    heavenward Member

    Tryptophane is actually a natural acid your body produces in order to regulate and get you clearer and more balanced. That unexpected dopamine hijacking might blocked its production.
  4. Tseldo

    Tseldo Active Member

    Look into Julia Ross' amino acid therapy :)

    It's not enough to break the addiction, but it does help.

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