Serious ED diagnosed by a doctor. Maybe my last chance

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  1. BigFoot

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    Hello there.

    My story

    I am 26 and I’ve been watching porn constantly since the age of 12-13 years old. At first it was just regular porn then fast forward to today with the hundreds of scenes every day movies, kinky stuff etc I watched about everything. I spent most of the time looking for porn and just some minutes actually masturbating to it. Watching tens of videos before deciding which is the “perfect video” to finish myself to but then of course I would watch tens more. Tons of fetish, rough sex, etc you know the drill. Through the years my erections became less and less hard. I used the death-grip naturally like most people who watch porn. I came to the point that sometimes I wanted to masturbate but my penis would just not respond. I remember there were some days when my penis would feel sore after marathon sessions when I was saying to myself enough is enough but like a true addict it was NEVER enough. I masturbated every single day and I rarely missed one. Some days it included more than one time maybe three or four.

    I have not had real relationship for a long time and I do (or used to I guess) visit hookers very often. An important point is that have never felt anything too good being inside of a woman since the sensitivity of my penis is almost completely gone. I have had bad experiences with me going soft inside of a woman and another time that I could just not get it up completely even with oral sex. That was perhaps the most embarrassing moment of my life. One time I had an erection but I felt nothing at all I pretended to enjoy it but after a while I thought to myself well this is pathetic and told the girl I can’t do it and I just stopped.

    ED Diagnosed

    About 5 months ago things became so bad and I felt like such less of a man that I visited a doctor to talk about my ED problems. I took a test by answering some questions and scored really high. He then injected my penis with some sort of liquid and did something like an ultrasound. He said the blood vessels that supply blood to my penis were letting out more blood than they were letting in so my penis can't get hard easily and when it does it's very likely that the erection will not be sufficient or be lost quickly. I don’t know how to translate it in English but there is a name for what I have. The treatment that he gave me was that I have to inject my penis with something that he is giving me every three days. What this does is give you a full erection for 4-5 hours in order to improve. I have been doing this since April and I have to do it for about a year or more total. Injecting is not as bad as it sounds or like it sounded at the beginning. He said the cure for this kind of thing is about 80% and since I am young my chances are better. I asked him what if it doesn’t work. He said be optimistic but the only other thing left if this doesn’t work is surgery using an internal penile pump. :-\

    I just wanted to say that I was absolutely petrified of seeing a doctor and mentioning my problem but I was very happy that I did at the end. The hardest part was when he called his cute assistant to bring him the papers for the ED questioners. Trust me if you’ve never felt this emasculated before it’s not a good feeling. (Not as bad as having a lifeless penis when a beautiful girl is giving you oral).

    I tried having sex using this injections and I STILL could not get myself to finish. I have to say for the first time In my life I felt great having sex with a 100% erection. However the sensitivity was still missing from my penis and I had to finish myself off by masturbating. Notice that during this whole thing I was constantly watching porn. I never gave up on it.

    NOFAP and REBOOT challenge

    A couple of weeks ago I found this great website. I identified with almost every single problem being mentioned here. I thought to myself hey maybe I should have found this before visiting the doctor but hey he still found something wrong with me so it was worth it I guess. For the first time in my life I have not seen porn or have masturbated in almost two weeks. Come to think about it it’s kind of crazy. No it is actually insane. Here’s what has happened during the first two weeks. The first 5 days I really wanted to watch porn but it was only in my mind I could feel it since I was not horny at all so I stayed out of it easily. Day 5-8 the desire got stronger. I had installed parental control apps on my computer but I still saw some pornographic pictures using google images as I was testing K9 to see if google images are completely blocked. Not a lot maybe a 5 or so. Nothing more than that. Then after day 8 to today I feel like no desire towards sex or porn at all and I feel my penis is completely abandoned me.

    Here are the good news so far.
    - For the first time in months (maybe years) I have had some really strong morning wood. One day it was like I was 15 again I felt like a real man it was amazing.
    - I feel like I’m getting the sensitivity of my penis back. When I touch it down there I feel like it’s not part of my body. It’s like It’s renewing itself like an organism.
    - I also feel the testosterone inside of me. I am going to sign up to a gym and let some sweat there.
    - I feel like I want to go out a lot.
    - Suddenly there is so much more free time in my life.
    - I’ve started noticing how pretty everyday girls are even the ones that I would not consider cute before.
    - It's only day 12!

    The hard parts.
    - I still have to do the injections and it’s a very tough job to forget about sex completely when you have a penis rock hard for 4-5 hours. So far I’ve managed to do it.
    - It’s very tough staying completely away from things that could stimulate you. I visit sports sites, forums, blogs etc and pictures of hot girls (often in bikinis and topless) are EVERYWHERE. It’s absolutely impossible to block these all of it. Also I live in a country were sex scenes and naked, sexy women are on tv and magazines are everywhere and anytime. I try to avoid it but again it’s impossible.
    - Every time I go to bed I try not to think about sex and women but what I end up thinking is exactly that. The good thing is that I’m thinking about real women that I had sex with or hypothetical scenarios with real girls (fantasizing I am involved in whatever is happening). I DO NOT think about porn AT ALL though and I don't think I miss it. I think I’ve convinced myself that if I think about women that are on the internet I’m just getting aroused by a bunch of 0s and 1s and think of how pathetic that makes me.
    - I’m really scared that if this doesn’t work then that might be for me. I’m damaged goods.

    Some questions

    My question to you is this. I am on day 12. Do all these things that I mentioned in the hard part count as staying away from PMO? I have not even touched my penis (only to pee and shower) but I have seen a couple of pornographic pictures when I was tempted to use google images. I see a lot of hot girls on sports and forums and I try to ignore it but sometimes my eye gets there. And when a sex scene with a topless girl is on tv I might notice and might get semi aroused. Or what about If I start fantasizing about having sex with a girl that I saw and get an erection? Should I reset every time I do any of this things. This is NOTHING compared to what I’ve used to watch my whole life but trying to stay away from absolutely any flesh and sexual thought would be nearly impossible

    P.S.: I feel this is one of the biggest things in my life. I felt like a lesser man for some years now and if this goes well I’m gonna have a new start to life. This makes me so motivated to pursuit this with everything I have.

    Thanks everyone.
  2. doneatlast

    doneatlast Member

    That is an amazing post, sir!

    I think you answered many of your own questions within your post.

    I've found success by avoiding things that are not porn but may lead me to porn. So if I were you, I'd avoid the sports sites for a while. Once you're adequately rewired you can probably return to them.

    Have you mentioned the NoFap stuff to your doctor? It seems that PMO as a cause of ED is largely ignored in the medical community, and it seems like you may have a false diagnosis for the simple reason that they REAL cause just isn't an option in the brain of your doctor. Just a thought.
  3. BigFoot

    BigFoot New Member

    I have not. I only found this site a couple of weeks ago and before then I thought a healthy male should be able to go at any time that he wants no matter the amount of porn so I thought my body was the problem. As my eyes are opening these past few days with reading this much the thought crossed my mind too that the diagnosis might either be false or exaggerated cause of the PMO.

    I have not told the doctor anything about this and he hasn’t ever asked me about how often I masturbate or whether I watch pornography or not so I am guessing as far as he is concerned it doesn’t matter all that much. I’m gonna keep following the treatment it can only benefit me I think.
  4. Lion

    Lion Active Member

    Wow. Those injections dont sound necessary based on the fact that you have identical symptoms to everyone here. The issue is in your brain, not your penis (which is why giving viagra to young guys isnt the answer). The answer is to keep your hands off your pecker, and your mind void of filth for many many months.

    Good luck sir.
  5. superduper

    superduper break the chains of porn sounds like your doctor came up with a good physical explanation for it, so I don't know how PMO factors into it. It makes me wonder if I have a physical issue too, since I have yet to get real morning wood even after 100 days of no porn.

    It could be that the muscles around your blood vessels have been badly worked from all the masturbating. The way we masturbate when watching porn is very unnatural and forced, nothing like normal sexual arousal, so I believe we can mess up those muscles which allow for proper blood flow. It could be that it will take a very long time for the muscles to readjust.
  6. anonmoose

    anonmoose New Member

    Reasonable people can disagree about the results of the penile doppler studies. I had one done last year and I never got a full erection during the test. The doctor who wrote the report on the study (who I never met) said the results were somewhat abnormal in the report. The urologist who I went to, though, disagreed and said the results were normal, but could be better. He explained that the patterns in my chart were normal and demonstrated what they would look like if they were abnormal. He thought the results were slightly poor because of the cold clinical setting involved when I was injected. There was no porn to look at or anything like that. The technician administering the test told me to use my imagination while waiting for the injection to take effect. Considering that I almost never used my imagination to MO, I was pretty bad at this and my attempts did not help me to get erect.

    Anyway, I guess my point is that maybe you actually have a physical problem, and maybe you don't. Just because one doctor thinks you have a problem doesn't mean that you actually do. Have you considered getting a second opinion? I think it would bother me to be trying two things concurrently (injections and reboot) and not being able to know which one was actually working.
  7. Lion

    Lion Active Member

    I could only do that test if the doctor was female
  8. BigFoot

    BigFoot New Member

    I have not. He works in one of the best clinics where I live and he is reputable . I don’t feel like going to another doctor going through all of that again and especially considering the blood tests, Doppler test, and injections have cost quit some money up until now since I don’t have insurance.
  9. Lion

    Lion Active Member

    I've had blood tests, seen urologists, spoken with my primary doctor, and even TOLD them about my masturbation issues. And you know what they ALL told me?? "There is no such thing as too much masturbation"

    To them I say "good riddance" because the existence and membership of this forum alone demonstrates that we are on the forefront of discovery and brave admittance to a very real problem and there VERY MUCH is such thing as too much PMO. The issue lies in the brain, not the penis.

    Regardless of my opinion I do hope your approach works for you.
  10. Invictus01

    Invictus01 New Member

    Dude, here is what I would do. Get rid of PMO, MO, anything that involves O without a female. Do the 90 day period and then go to the doc. That's my plan. You have too much interference from all that other shit to really tell what's up. Besides, ok, so even if it IS a physical issue. Would you rather pile on the psychological issue that PMO brings on top of it too?

    Get rid of PMO for life dude and deal with everything else if you have to after that.
  11. maximus1986

    maximus1986 Guest

    What did your Dr say caused the problem in the first place?
  12. Dre93

    Dre93 New Member

    I dont believe masturbation can damage you like that I mean your hand basically mimics a vagina so I cant see how that makes sense, if you use the death grip then possibly but there's a lot of guys who masturbate too much and they dont have erection difficulties, the problem is the psychological link between porn and orgasm, 99% of the guys on YBOP have a brain issue not a physical thing.
  13. Lion

    Lion Active Member

    how can you be so sure? dont forget that pride prevents most people from admitting a problem
  14. doneatlast

    doneatlast Member

    I have very VERY rarely been in situations where a bunch of guys openly and honestly talk about porn, masturbation and/or ED. If it wasn't for the internet, I'd never know about the link, or even that so many other guys were into PMO.

    Another poster pointed out a little while ago something interesting. Anyone else ever notice how many viagra/cialis ads there are on banners on porn sites? I assumed it was just because there was a sexual connection, but if they've been getting lots of clicks as guys sit in front of their computers holding their semi-soft meat roll, then programs like google analytics are going to push those ads way up to the front of the line.
  15. conqueringed

    conqueringed New Member

    i also suspect that i have nerve damage in my penis, did the injections hurt? lol im thinking of going to urologist to do a check up but i feel scared lol
  16. bigproblem

    bigproblem New Member

    What are the injections called? Is it caverject?
  17. empshockwave

    empshockwave 26/m/gay but call me shocky :)

    It's interesting that your doctor was able to find a physical cause.

    I think you may be referring to a venous leak. Careful with the injections though (alprostadil I'm guessing), since erections lasting longer than 4 hours require medical attention, especially if you start to feel pain.

    Keep us posted on your progress. And yes no pmo can only do you more good tbh.
  18. sanzok

    sanzok New Member

    I think the only reason why you continued to inject yourself without and saw no improvement since april is because you didn't stop watching porn. I think once you're long enough into the reboot, you can stop with the injections too. Then again, i don't know much about those injections, they may be actually beneficial, who knows :) stay strong though!
  19. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    I had some similarities.

    Could not get hard at all with girls. If i did manage to force an erection with my hand maybe 60-70% i could not feel anything inside when i had sex so i would lose it pretty much strait away, oral i could not feel anything either and still would not get 100% hard.

    The problem is that your arousal is so weak that the erection doesn't last or doesn't even happen at all.
  20. Overload

    Overload New Member

    Im convinced you have PIED and you need to reboot. I would try at least 90 days no PMO and see how your results change. Im confident they will.

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