Reverse kegels- really no idea (+daily routine?)

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by grabacr 31770, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. grabacr 31770

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    First topic here ;)

    Ok, after hearing quite a few people on here perform these during the reboot, I'd like to try it myself. Not to speed up the reboot, but just to get stronger erections and more control overall.

    I can do a regular kegel fine, I've always had good control of the pelvic muscle. I could do a routine with this muscle no problems. However, reverse kegels have me completely stumped. From what I've gathered it's not the same muscle. Unless I need to urinate, my muscles in that area are always relaxed. I can't do any more relaxing to them. I just don't know what I'm meant to do. Because I hear people talk about contracting muscles too. The only thing I can do which feels somewhat like the reverse of a kegel, is completely relax the muscles in that area and push very slightly. Not nearly enough pushing that it feels like an 'exersize' or that it's working the muscles. When doing that, I get that feeling that you get when completely relaxing the muscles elsewhere in the body, legs for example, and it feels weird, it feels like something blood flow related is happening.

    Anyway, can anyone help me here?

    The other thing I ask is for a good daily routine, incorporating both these exersizes, with a set number of reps, sets and exactly how to do each one (time held for etc). I'd probably do them in the evening before sleeping, or anytime I'm horrifically bored in school, finished exams maybe.
  2. TheUnderdog

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    A reverse kegel feels like a push. As if you're pushing out urine or taking a dump.

    The idea behind reverse kegels is to get more awareness and control over your PC and BC muscles. This way you can consciously keep them relaxed during sex and be able to last longer. Tightening your pelvic muscles during sex makes you cum fast.

    In addition to keeping them relaxed during sex, some people do a strong reverse kegel near the PONR (point of no return) to prevent ejaculation from happening. Others do a kegel hold (2-3 seconds) followed by a reverse kegel.
  3. High_Achiever

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    so a reverse kegel is just the downside movement?

    so if you do 2 seconds up and 2 seconds down, you should have no problems?
  4. NoFapAllowed

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    More instruction please.

    it's like relaxing anus or just pushing poo? like you are not squash kegels or just let them relaxed yeah?
  5. RunDroogieRun

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    I'm not quite sure what that last question means, but, if I've been doing these things right--it is the same muscle(s) involved in both shitting and urinating. The next time you are doing either of these activities, try forcing each action a little. There is an article over at YBOP on kegels, so go check that out too.

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