Orgasm without touching yourself

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by sanzok, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. sanzok

    sanzok New Member

    So lately I don't feel any need to watch porn (or masturbate for that matter), however i still like to read upon those things and recently discovered something interesting.

    Supposedly, you can have an orgasm without touching yourself. Apparently, it's more common among women, but there are cases when men can do it too. I think the most obvious example, to which we can all relate to is wet dreams.

    I think this is similar, just you are conscious of it. Upon researching i found two ways with which people do that. Concentration + using your mind, sending your "energy down there" (which all sounds spiritual and whatnot)...and by tensing and releasing the kegel muscles or other muscles. Sorry i haven't researched enough to know more or which exact muscles..

    But i'm interested whether you guys have heard about it? What do you make of it and has anyone tried it out?

    In a way, i don't think it's a risk-free thing, because imo it involves fantasizing, but wouldn't it somehow help to awaken your libido if you could orgasm through sheer will and concentration power? Anyways, i'm just throwing hypothetical questions and want to make an interesting discussion out of it haha
  2. Aaron

    Aaron New Member

    I can confirm, I have had an orgasm without touching my penis. This was while doing crunches on the floor. I was super horny, I didn't ejaculate though, only had the orgasm sensation. This was when I was 40+ days into a reboot, that totally had something to do with it. I have heard a guy say he had orgasm and ejaculated at the gym when doing hanging leg raises, he said it was totally embarrassing having to go to the bathroom and clean up. He was doing a no fap challenge and was somewhere near the 100 day mark, which could explain the ease of ejaculation.

    And about tensing kegel muscles, I once nearly, but not quite, orgasmed when I had a 110% super boner after I woke up one morning. I tensed it and got that feeling when your 90% of the way to an orgasm. I almost made a huge mess in my bed lol. This was also back in the good old days when I was far into a reboot.

    I'm not sure if this helped answer your question, its just my experiances with this, but it definitely is possible for guys to orgasm without physically stimulating their penises
  3. sanzok

    sanzok New Member

    It did help. I wanted more insight on the topic and by providing even your personal experiences, is making this even better. I think at some point, i might just try it. Just set some time aside, sit silently in my room and attempt haha Then again, there's part of me,who doesn't want me to ejaculate at all, even without touching myself :)
  4. pm62

    pm62 Member

    I can confirm the gym part. Though I didn't orgasm at the gym I was really close once during my no fap because of leg curls, the ones where you lay face down on the machine. You would raise the bar with your ankles and as it moves up, your body presses into the bench causing you to be closer to orgasm. I had to stop a few times mid set to make sure I didnt orgasm. It sucks if you were you just looking at a woman before because that triggers the possible leg curls orgasm
  5. tsmith1302

    tsmith1302 Active Member

    I hear it's possible with hypnosis too.

    Women record and sell audio that's supposed to hypnotize men into orgasm. I've tried it before and I felt some sensations, got a little hard, but didn't cum. However I think if I abstain from orgasm long enough, like 5-7 days, it would probably make me cum.

    Some people reviewing it said it worked for them, but not everybody.
  6. trip

    trip New Member

    I can come just using my mind =D
    Ahha just found this forum by trying to find other men with this capability.
    And I guess I'm addicted to porn too...
  7. lalisor

    lalisor New Member

    Holy fuck, that made me scared. Do you know any other exercises that can make this happen? I can't stop working out...
  8. groovemachine

    groovemachine New Member

    It's possible with or without using kegels or fantasy.
  9. trip

    trip New Member

    I can do it only with kegel + fantasy..
  10. CleanHands

    CleanHands Guest

    Yup, I can do this too. Makes me very exhausted though.
  11. Bazooka Joe

    Bazooka Joe New Member

    When I relapsed once I had this phenomenon.

    I was just watching and after 1 minute I got an orgasm without even touching.

    That's how strong the addiction is. But other than that I did not experience this.
  12. trip

    trip New Member

    Really? I actually feel bit less tired than normal hand masturbation. I and find myself more easily aroused after this kind of orgams than with normal one too.
    I just focus and it takes like 5 minutes.
  13. Forgotten

    Forgotten New Member

    When I first started to watch porn when I was 17, sometimes I was so excited that after a few minutes of porn session I could start to feel the orgasm just because of the contact of the penis with the underpants, so I had to take it out and use my hand in order to not come in my pants ;D And I can also remember a couple of times during my teens in which I came in my pants while I was fantasizing in my bed before sleeping without even touching my dick.
    So yes, it's possible if you are very very horny, especially if you do some kegels, though the orgasm is less pleasurable.
    But I don't understand how doing this could help you: it some some sort of extreme premature ejaculation! Also, I think that if you really want to MO, at least you have to make it as much similar as you can to real sex, and ejaculating without any physical stimulation is exactly the opposite.
  14. UsernameTaken

    UsernameTaken New Member

    why the heck are you guys trying to find ways to orgasm without touching. if you do it you might as well reset all your timers. there are no easy ways around sobriety. just man up stop thinking about sex period. and reboot and find a gf. why dont people seem to understand this?

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