OPEN LETTER:my major improvements attributed to a variety of problems and cures.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by breath, Nov 23, 2016.

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    First off Underdog,

    BIG THANKS FOR YOUR WORK AND care which you put to make YBR a rare place of compassion and honesty on the web.

    A thought suggestion - ( not that you don't have a huge YBR to do list at the moment) is:
    the caption/header for the 40+ section :
    The best is yet to come, my friend. Get ready to kick some serious ass. -that could use an update in my opinion.

    When I started on the forum I had some ED issues. Nowadays I am having better erections, in part due to better physical health - i'm 52 and working out, not staying up wanking to porn and LOSING sleep, also realizing REALISTICALLY that a 52 year old is not supposed to have flagpole hard ons that stay like that unaided for long long intervals... in other words I think the 40+ caption that is presently there might - put an unrealistic expectation for older men about EQ, especially for for guys like I was that had never had ED with a familiar partner .. and of course were freaked out.

    I think it made me look at it as possibly ONLY A PIED issue- which I think was a false erroneous theory to be following.. Seeing whole rather was my cure. I'll use the word cure... but maybe it's a spectrum continuum of happiness, cardio health brain traning/ rewiring if you like... but I like to think that it's not this exacting interpretation that is usually employed onto Gary Wilson's findings and assertions. Wives of older guys especially when the sex life had dwindled may alos just expect that when their top comes off we be ready for action like we were decades ago.. We are still capable of getting aroused but just not so quick, and unstoppably.... all to be expected and we men must embrace this and not obsess aboutr getting flagpole erection back at 50+. just enjoy what is stiull totally there! Some men may truly proudly boast they still have those.. good for them they - if they are being truthful %100 they are extraordinary.

    I may now post this as a success story, which shows that things - in my case - are not white and black, and neither proves or disputes PIED theories as much as tempers them with seeing whole - holistic thinking rules for me.

    Again not trying dispute PIED or anything or have any super strong opinions about patterns being burnt wired into our brains... just that there will probably always be a grey area between A) the claims ascribed to MRI's and b) what could also be regarded as old fashioned common sense. eg.. awaken one day and decidely stopping late night wanking (porn or not) / sleep deprivation, hugging the wive longer. working out getting ripped, having good cardio losing a few pounds. Get a.l lascivious about the wife, be healthy happy basically ..

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    It's funny, the 40+ caption pisses me off for a different reason. To me it sounds a bit false, kinda like a Buddy Christ "you got this dude" consolation for old men who can't get it up. The annoying thing about it is it's ACTUALLY TRUE. I've had the best sex of my life since turning 40 thanks to quitting porn and return of sensitivity. I'm not saying I get great arousal boners yet (still waiting for those to return, if they ever do), just what sex I do have now is far better and successful than the sex I had in my 30s and even late 20s when I was consuming porn on a daily basis.

    Congrats on all the progress you've made man. I basically agree with you, just saying "best" means different things to different men.
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    The way I understand the caption/header for the 40+ section is that it doesn't only concern PIED but instead all areas in one's life. I think it's more general than just erections.
    I don't fight my porn addiction for PIED at all since I don't have it. I do it because I know I'll need to be totally free from it if I want to improve my professional and romantic life, my studies, my social skills, my focus, my confidence, my health, etc... which is what's happening in my life right now. And I'm certain this can be applied to somebody who's 40/50/60+ yo as well.

    So yeah. I think the "The best is yet to come" part must be viewed as it is written in Napoleon Hill's book when he says that it is only when a man has harnessed and controlled his sexual energy that he can achieve his true potential. The book is now quite old and he was talking about men in their 40's but since 50/60yo now is the new 40 of back then, I think it makes sense.
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    Great response points above!
    Made me realize the broader spectrum beyond erections, beyond, sex.. and that sex wife the wife is - in some ways better than others... yet i realize that some women are more sensuous about sex and others less so... fast forward to later years and the ones who are less sensuous tend to have a bit of and adjustment faze when there man is not as physically potent as he was decades ago... looking at this as an area for positive improvement is a fun 'challenge' to have and a chance to be sensuous and kind to her for lots of reasons (including letting her know that I want sex with her as much as ever)

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