One thing I don't get. How is frequent sex better than frequent fapping?

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  1. Faptastic

    Faptastic Fapulous Cum Laude

    How is frequent sex better than frequent fapping?
    Well....other than the OBVIOUS answer. Of course real sex FEELS 1000000 x better and no hand can ever replace another human being.
    But aside from the obvious....

    What I'm really asking is a physiological question: If fapping often is bad for your brain, and we're supposed to overstimulate the brain with too high dopamine levels too much - and drain testosterone.....
    then can someone please explain to me: Isn't this same exact thing happening with people who have regular sexual intercourse often as well??

    The YBOP videos go into details explaining how FAPPING affects/drains the brain. But there is no comparison to the same alleged effects with REAL sex... How come?

    Does your brain know the difference, and can somehow magically stabilize dopamine and testosterone totally different if I ejaculate inside a woman - vs. with my hands? :) Sounds silly, but hey - this question begs to be asked.....

    If the answer is no.....then why have we been told for years by the medical society (and in multiple large studies even) that frequent sexual intercourse has TONS of physiological benefits for your brain and body?

    Masturbatation induced climax = numbs your brain
    Intercourse induced climax = strengthens your brain?

    Doesn't make sense to me, so I would LOVE hear some facts on this. Please submit links or info on this if you have any...
  2. fullset

    fullset New Member

    Interesting question. I was thinking the same thing before, but I figured I will beat this addiction first and get some insights myself along the way. It would be a good experiment. Now I just need a TON of willing female participants ;)
  3. TheUnderdog

    TheUnderdog Active Member Staff Member

    Doesn't sound like you really understand the reason why masturbating frequently to porn is bad.

    It overstimulates your brain. Masturbating every day watching high definition videos of completely unrealistic sexual scenarios causes your brain to release huge amounts of dopamine, leading to escalation and desensitization.

    The amount of variety and novelty existent in today's porn tubes is just too much for our brains. The difference between watching porn in the 80s and watching porn today is like the difference between drinking 1 beer and drinking 15 beers.

    1 beer once in a while is fine.

    15 beers every day is not.
  4. fullset

    fullset New Member

    May be I interpreted the OP wrong. The question that I had was how is orgasm with masterbation (no porn, just sensations) worse (neurochemically) than orgasm through sex.
  5. Temple_of_peace

    Temple_of_peace New Member

    I think that the idea is that when you're masturbating, anyway you fantasize, different porn scenarios in your brain, and that exactly causes release of dopamine.
    But when you have a normal intercourse you are arouused by females (natural stimuli).
    Also it us important not to force erections by fantasizing when having intercourse with women.
  6. MyUserName

    MyUserName New Member

    This is a good question. I hope we can get an answer from Gary.
  7. Faptastic

    Faptastic Fapulous Cum Laude

    I am actually not discussing porn at ALL here though.. ;)
    My question had nothing to do with porn. Forget about porn in this context completely.

    My question addresses the claims that frequent masturbation (even without porn) SUPPOSEDLY is bad for you - while at the same time, frequent sexual intercourse is good. This is what I'm trying to get to the bottom to. What is the physiological difference in terms of dopamines, testosterone, focus, energy, etc. etc. etc.

    Because in theory - if frequent fapping/ejaculation even without porn is bad - then frequent ejaculation inside a vagina should also in theory be bad....
    See what I mean?
  8. Faptastic

    Faptastic Fapulous Cum Laude

    Exactly! This thread has NOTHING to do with porn.
    I'm only discussing the masturbation "problem".
  9. TheUnderdog

    TheUnderdog Active Member Staff Member

    Sorry about the confusion, but you said:

    Those videos are talking about masturbating to porn.

    Where did you read that masturbating without porn is bad?

    I guess it could be if you do it several times per day and use a lot of fantasy, otherwise there's nothing physiologically problematic with it.
  10. superduper

    superduper break the chains of porn

    I don't think YBOP ever says that Masturbation is worse than intercourse.

    The underlying point is that years of M along with P has conditioned the two to go, when you M you are likely using P-like mental imagery to get off, thus numbing yourself to real-life imagery.

    I used to be able to M to real-life imagery all day and never have bad symptoms. No lack of wood, no lack of libido, nothing. My fantasies were very reality-driven, simple images involving natural normal women I would see throughout the day.

    My porn viewing involved dozens of different clips of various women, the best shots I wanted, the most explicit images, all changing very rapidly.

    Now, it is hard for me to return to the simple fantasies. This is what rebooting is about for me.

    So physiologically, no, there is nothing worse about fap than sex. Its whats happening in the brain that counts.

    Hell, if you're thinking porn imagery while having sex, then you're still messing with your circuitry.
  11. Stopper

    Stopper IT'S OVER!!!

    I think this is a perfect explanation.

    I do think masturbation is bad though knowing the fact it desensitizes your penis cause of what you do to it with your hands, you should train yourself to reserve your penis strictly for intercourse, nothing more, this will make the reward much bigger also...much bigger. In my opinion at least.
  12. Gary Wilson

    Gary Wilson Active Member

    A member of YBR emailed me, and asked me to comment on this thread. From what I read it seems that underdog and others have cleared up the confusion.

    YBOP is about porn, not masturbation. I don't think the three main videos even mention masturbation. No where does YBOP say that masturbation is bad for you.

    Few points:

    1) Orgasms do not use up testosterone. Blood testosterone levels have nothing to do with the benefits of not masturbating; or porn-induced ED; or anything else I see discussed here or elsewhere. I would love if we could blast a cap in all the talk about testosterone, so we could bury it in the grave. See -

    2) Some guys who are not addicted to porn seem to be experiencing benefits from cutting back on masturbation. This is seen on nofap/reddit where some dudes are abstaining for other reasons.

    Ejaculation isn't bad, but it is not without consequences, if done to the extreme. To really undeerstand the biology of ejaculation read this article - Men: Does Frequent Ejaculation Cause A Hangover?

    I think the take away is that ejaculation isn't just like blowing your nose or taking a crap - it causes a few temporary brain changes. Under normal circumstances, mammals respect these changes by taking a short time out. Something modern teens (or me when I was a teen) never do.

    3) As far as orgasm, it is different with intercourse - at least according to one single study. We release 400% more prolactin when we have an orgams from sexual intercourse
    SEE - The post-orgasmic prolactin increase following intercourse is greater than following masturbation and suggests greater satiety.
  13. fullset

    fullset New Member

    Thank you Gary. It clears up on things that I was confused on.
  14. ted93704

    ted93704 Keep Your Heads Up!

    Well, I think the answer is quite obvious. For the vast majority of men, porn is ok and something done for fun but for guys like all of us on this site porn is something that has hurt our brains. I had a link a long time ago of an article that talked about how some people have brains that are naturally addictive and that people who aer naturally addictive have a stronger pair bonding instinct. Thus, if you first wire to jerking off (as I did to porn) at an early age it can be become problematic. I started masturbating when I was just a little kid. I'm 32 and had I had sex much earlier I wouldnt have the problme I do now. Anyway, the answer to this question is that flapping wires your brain to doing it one way when yuo really need to do it with a woman. Thus, masturbation is not necessarily bad (atleast not for most men) its just bad for us. Now, maybe if I were to get a woman and make love to her all the time for a few years maybe if I went back to porn it wouldnt do anything for me? What would you choose guys? Having a digitcal woman or having a real life woman? I'd choose the later!

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