NO-O, an alternative rebooting method

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  1. Dear all,
    I started a new thread for this, because I think it deserves one. You can, however, read more details in my journal, here:

    So, this is what I have found:

    An alternative way of rebooting (the NO-O method)
    Approximately 40 days ago I had my last orgasm from PMO. At that point I started the reboot (because of severe ED), but unfortunately I couldn't commit myself to full PMO abstinence. So I watched P and M to it quite rarely... every 2nd or 3rd day, and for short periods of time (~5 min). I always had a full, good erection during these short "sessions". What I managed to do, however, was to not edge and don't get close to Orgasm.

    Interestingly, about 10 days ago (so 30 days into the no-O "reboot"), I felt into a terrible flatline (no libido, no erections and no interest in porn or women). During these last 10 days I didn't watch porn because I started to hate it ! I tried to watch and couldn't for more than 10 seconds. It's as if my mind did a 180 degree turn around due to not getting the orgasm reward at the end of each PM session.

    Now it's very, very easy to abstain from PMO entirely and I strongly believe that this is one of the easiest ways to get rid of this problem. It's like building repulsion towards porn, a little, day-by-day (gradually limiting the orgasmic reward possibility. Your mind just gives up, it seems, if no-O is reached after about 30 days). During these 40 days, I didn't struggle and I had little or almost no withdrawal symptoms (maybe a bit around the 7-10 day mark of no-O).

    However, the positive rewards are all there, but they showed themselves in a much smoother way. More confidence, better health, more energy, more mental clarity, more positive outlook on live, much less depression, less sleep needed, etc. are very much real results !

    I'm trying to reboot for more than 1 year now and never reached this point so easily and full of so much calming confidence. All my previous reboot attempts were absolutely awful to my mental health, I felt into serious depressions and my body had aches all over... I even wanted to commit suicide at mark Day 22 into one of my first reboots (documented on

    So anyone out there who did a similar "start" to their reboots, you are welcome to chime in !
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    Well it sounds great that your method is working man. Personally, I haven't used this yet but one thing I do is remember every time I feel a cue to visualize that moment after MOing where I just looked down and felt ashamed at times of relapse. I think it's a great idea to cultivate positive motivation towards the lifestyle of no MO but make sure not to repulse yourself so much from porn that it changes your mental state in other areas of life. I've heard that keeping deep disgust for certain things can be damaging when they accidentally resurface or what not.

    Good luck bro nonetheless!
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    I havent taken that course, nor need to but I like your train of you are looking at alternatives..I think there needs to be more thinking in this area, because although NO PMO for 90-120 days maybe the quickest way to recover from ED in theory...)by that i mean today i realise porn is my prob, stop watching porn, in 120 days im cured) is possibly the hardest to do, therefore in practice may be not the most efficient.

    For example if i look at the periods of when I is largely due to the need to MO at around week 3, then 4 weeks later is it better to have a more prescribed schedule.

    NO PMO 3 weeks.....
    1 MO by oneself......
    3 weeks No PMO...
    one MO by a female.......
    3 more weeks no pmo
    one more MO by a female
    3 weeks no pmo
    Blow job


    I am wondering which approach, the straight 90 day approach verses a staggered approach is the most beneficial for most people.

    I understand that everyone wants the quickest recovery so embarks on that which is theoretically the quickest...but i am also beginning to believe it is not the quickest in practical terms and if there was a fixed 'proven' alternative schedule that people could follow...we may see better results in ED recovery.

    Just a thought.
  4. A staggered approach (gradual separation from PMO) seems to work better for me, that's for sure. Let's just consider that my "all or nothing" mindset during my previous reboot attempts, a mindset which is seemingly very popular among us, was a total failure.

    All of my previous reboots ended in a screeching halt after about 25-35 days. Usually, 20 days into the reboot, the nightmare starts. It consisted of very strong depression combined with poor health and no motivation. It was a struggle mostly... which invariably ended around day 30 (give or take a few days), with a hard relapse of PMO... And I'm not the only one having the exact same pattern. I did try to get rid of PMO for about 14 month already... and had more than 10 failures, one after the other. The standard "cold turkey" quitting method just doesn't work for me.

    This gradual method is different. And I can handle it easily, at least for now (I have never lasted without an orgasm for 40 days straight previously).

    Otherwise, my flatline is unbelievable. It's like being asexual. No sexual thoughts, no sexual dreams, no urges... no erections (except the occasional morning wood, which also feels a little "blah"...)

    I'll keep you updated !
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    Thank you, look forward to the update.

    Personally I would not advising having porn in any gradual reduction if you have ED, that should stop day 1. The reason I say that is

    A) It could easily escalate in duration and frequency...this is the same with any addiction and gradual reduction..I was thinking more of set MOs acting more as a methodone....

    B) Those with Porn Induced ED can go back to ED even with one PMO, this has been reported a few it really is quite counter-productive...

    Those are my views only :D

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