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  1. Donny

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    Hello guys, I'm Donny, a new member of the group and today I'd like to share my story on how my life regarding porn lead up to this point

    As many kids, I started fapping and watching porn at a young age, I also had another addiction which was gaming (Fortunately I managed to remove my gaming addiction).

    since age 12 I started fapping, and later got into gaming and became really anti-social.

    6 years of : waking up, going to school, coming back, fapping, playing video games, eating, fapping again and sleeping. That was my daily routine, which was really sad and unhealthy for a young boy.

    at age 16 I had clinical depression, after 3 months I managed to get myself up and start going to run and improve my health and body and it all turned out great, yet, something stuck....which was porn

    I never saw porn as unhealthy really because my mind was filled with thoughts such as "oh, it decreases your chances for prostate cancer and it's healthy" but boy was I wrong

    After a while I managed to get into the gym and after a while I got a girlfriend and my first sexual encounter was at age 18

    I noticed my erection wasn't that strong and i'd lose it fast if I didn't do something kinky.
    I felt bad for both me and her, I felt like I was treating her as an object and she was so kind to me and didn't pay much attention to it.

    Now at age 19 with my new girlfriend I noticed the same issue: weak erection and sometimes non existant, perverted brain and thoughts, delayed ejaculation. And frankly I'm sick and tired of this, at one point I had the vivid imagery of stuffing her face in garbage while doing her. I immediately went to the bathroom and felt sick to my stomach and almost cried.

    Also I recently went to my urologist and he diagnosed me with varicocele(enlarged testicle veins) and he advised me to undergo an operation to fix it and I'd like opinions and thoughts on whether I should undergo it or not

    I am really open to opinions and help, I'm sick and tired of this.
    I want to be a compassionate, loving person that cherishes his partner and things in life, not a porn mind driven monster.

    Thank you for reading
  2. Donny

    Donny New Member

    Thanks for the advice man, greatly appreciated.

    As far as the operation goes, I'm just going to wait for more responses from other members to see what's up
  3. Farmerguy

    Farmerguy New Member

    Unless you are sure that's your issue I would wait on surgery.
  4. AzteC22

    AzteC22 New Member

    If you have strong erections with porn and not with your girlfriend, it leads me to believe its the porn and not the veins.

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