My advice: Find a girl and rewire, even if you're ashamed of ED

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  1. alldonewiththat

    alldonewiththat New Member

    Over and over, I see posts from guys who've been rebooting for a long, long time, and they haven't been with a girl during that time. A common sentiment is that they're not ready for sex, and they don't feel comfortable being with a girl until they are.

    This betrays a misunderstanding of what sex is. It's so much more than penis in vagina. You can please a woman with kisses, cuddles, fingers, tongue, hands, words and noises.

    I believe rewiring is essential to a reboot. I've been trying for a year, and never made so much progress as during my current streak, when I've been with three girls. They've all been super supportive. I've told them about PIED.

    They didn't care. They liked sleeping with me regardless. With the final two, I was eventually able to have sex without orgasm. And last week, I orgasmed with the girl I'm seeing at the moment.

    And I feel great. Have the hardest morning wood of my reboot, and my libido is strong. Assuming this holds up, I credit it to the weeks of rewiring I did prior to orgasming.

    It is never too soon to start going on dates and talking to women. Especially for those of you who are virgins. Having a girl won't magically make your PMO addiction go away, but it does make things easier.

    Getting a girl is something you'll want to do eventually. And guess what? You'll probably suck at this, at first. Then you'll get better, and you'll wonder why you ever thought it was hard. But start now, so you can go through the 1-3 months of learning it will take to get decent at this. Then by the time you're ready, you'll be able to get women.

    I was a virgin until 22, and had PIED. Didn't really have much luck with women until a few months ago. I'm age 27 now. And then, simply by trying, I went from being "bad with women" to doing pretty well and being able to attract women I liked and who are beautiful. You can do it too.

    If you're totally new at this, I recommend reading a few seduction materials. Just remember, you only have to take the parts you like. So if you're not interested in dating multiple women, then ignore the advice that deals with that. Pay attention to the grooming advice instead, or self-confidence, or style. I've found Mark Manson (his book models) and Nick Notas to have good advice that's devoid of the creepier side of the seduction community.

    Don't orgasm with a girl until you're ready. I got to the point where it felt like I was blocking myself by avoiding orgasm. But sleeping with women for a couple months beforehand helped get my body to that point where I was ready.

    Start now.
  2. SmallStroke

    SmallStroke Member

    Solid advice. Rewiring is probably a lot more important than rebooting or anything else to cure PIED.
  3. Sexuallyblessed

    Sexuallyblessed New Member

    This is what I've been saying ever since I joined this forum and I kept getting flamed and ignored for it.
  4. Dr Evil

    Dr Evil New Member

    I think I'm really lucky because just as I started rebooting I found a girl that I really like, to be flirty and sexual with. A fucking Godsend.

    But the best part is that she's the kind of girl who plays hard to get and that wants to wait for months before having sex, yet allows cuddling, kissing and a bit more sexual stuff. That's something that would have bothered me in other context, but it's perfect in my case. By the time I get to have sex with her I'll probably won't have PIED anymore.
  5. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    Yea i think this is a situation i am in were i am repressing the urges to talk and hit on women which is impacting on my libido. I was a virgin until 6 months ago and have suffered chronic ED since 19 so i am completely new to the whole world or being with girls.
  6. River_of_Deceit

    River_of_Deceit New Member

    I agree. Got a girl and found this website. stopped porn and masturbation, 3 weeks later everything's fine. I think most girls are nervous about having sex and will understand if you say you don't want to rush things.I would tell them that sex is very personal for you and you need some time to let yourself go. I would not say something about porn addiction, makes you look like a loser.
  7. dig deep

    dig deep must stop wasting my life on porn

    i also agree,if you stop using P and find a girl you will have a normal sexual release,at first things might not go so well but in time things will sort its self out,also another reason for porn use is boredom and having a girlfriend you'll have someone to do things with (i mean non sexual)days out ,watchings films etc.
  8. crisler

    crisler New Member

    What I am doing right now is abstaining for 60 days from anything visual, any touching, or any sex. Just minimal fantasies in my head at times. But what I was also thinking is that after a 14 day no PMO period I would allow my penis to recover from being touched long enough to start craving any touch at all and I'd be able to start rewiring while I reboot, rebooting in my head meaning no PM, only allowed real sex with O after day 14. Even if I dont O after the first 2-3 times, still retraining until I love that feeling. Idk, I did that with my fleshlight months ago when I stopped using my hand for good and it took about 2 weeks no PMO and 5 days on fleshlight once a day gentle seshes to begin to love that feeling. Hoping the same thing could possibly work for a real woman too?

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