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    I'm here to tell others who'd have the same problem as I had, masturbation during sleep or sexual intercourse during the night with the partner, started while sleeping. I used to awoke afterwards or during it, and continue it - due to the arousal.
    It became a problem as masturbation happenned every night for years and I waked up tired and in bad mood.

    Actually I recently learnt that this is called 'sexsomnia' and is a form of 'parasomnia', a sleep disorder. I kinda know where it comes from: watching porn for years and being a sensitive guy, it kind of hypnotized me, so it entered my subconscious and manifested at night. For more info you can google up these terms.

    After researching some medical database, I found it there is a medical treatement for it, based on melatonin 10mg at bedtime and clonazepam 0,5 mg up to 2 mg if necessary. I've been taking these for 3 days now and it works 2 times out of 3, which is a good thing.

    Well, best wishes to you all.

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