Loss of morning wood

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    Iam on my 55 day of reboot. I haven't had MW for years before the reboobt started. But 1 week after reboot i started getting regular MW until i hit flatline on day 18 but MW reappeared after a few days on day 30. But on day 40, i went onto another flatline and its day 55 now. I haven't got a single MW so far. But the weird thing is, I constantly get hard erections 80% that are or more hard when the slightest flash back of a porno comes into my mind. I wont say, i have regained my libido since i don't really feel aroused. But its kinda weird when i get these hardons simply by having quick flashbacks of the pornos and yet no MW.
  2. TheFuture

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    I experienced this also, the porn thought boners, I try to remove these thoughts as soon as possible and replace with a real woman scenario, it worked and slowly the porn thoughts started to fade. MW come and go throughout the reboot, as it's not linear.
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    For me i have lost my morning woods, but i only get hard to thoughts of real sex with real girls. If i think or watch porn i have no erection response or very very little.

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