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  1. szogun030

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    This fucked up habit is with me since my 11 birthday. I was thinking I am strong enough to beat this bad habit, but I'm not. I do this thing everyday for about 6 years. My longest period of time when I wasnt doing it was 32 days. I want to see how my life will look when I refuse to do this. I'm not confident as I want to be in relations with girls. I don't let this weakness ruin my life because of this I'm not courage enough to chase my dream and talk with people a lot. I finally decide to lead this journal because I know this give me strength to stay clear. I know I'm better than this shit.

    Because of PMO I always was shy in relations with woman. I didnt know what to do in life and when my girl left Me I thought about suicide a lot, I was in deep depresseion. My family situations was not good. I fall into bad environment and drugs. I'm not going to self-pity on myself, I used to do it before. I was living that way too long, now I had enough that kind of life in quiet desperation. I used porn, drugs, alcohol as a reliever from pain and emptiness inside me. I dont do drugs like I did it before. I throwed away it, now it's time to porn and alcohol.
  2. You can do it bro!
  3. szogun030

    szogun030 Member

    Thanks, It will be much easier with people like You :) So Today It's the First Day of My journey to better life. Today I had 3 moments when I was thinking about sex and something in me said to do this bad thing, but I won this battle. I wish it would be that easy like today, but from my experience I know the more you get into day with no pmo it's harder.
  4. iamsick

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    come on brother, we can do this. I relapsed today after 3 weeks so we are starting this together.
  5. szogun030

    szogun030 Member

    DAY 2

    So Today I try to not think a lot about sex, and it was quiet easy. Maybe because I was in the gym and this is just 2 day. But the most significant thing is this jorunal. I try not to touch this place when I was laying on the couch. I feel a lot of motivation to overcome this shit. I have goal to invite one pretty woman from my school. Since I remember I had always big problem with talking to woman. Especially to pretty one. I have to overcome my shyness and be the person that I always want to be. I wont be angry if I invite this woman and she say I'm not in her type. I just want to show myself that I can do this and knocked out my fears of this what could go wrong.

    Thanks, this words help me a lot. I challenge You not to do it. You 're better than this. I wont let this shit fuck up My life.
  6. szogun030

    szogun030 Member

    DAY 3

    Today was another day when I faced with this. I have only one moment when I was laying on the bad and dreaming about sex, but I quickly catch myself on it and end with it. I spoke today with this beatiufull girl for a while. I have to be more determined when I spoke with her. I forgot to write that I'm 18 and english isnt my native language, but I hope it's not that bad ;) Every single day when I'm not doing PMO, provide me to be that person who I want to be.
  7. trainmill

    trainmill Member

    Congrats on your intention and the first three days.
    In general it might be helpful to focus on something else than "no sex", since your unconscious is still thinking "sex" when you say to yourself "no sex". In times of urges one option is to read success stories on, if you like.
  8. iamsick

    iamsick New Member

    I'm going through it and it goes well! I know we can do it!
  9. szogun030

    szogun030 Member

    DAY 4

    This day was a little bit hard than previous 3 days. I had desire to MO but happily I overcome it and I feel better now. This is just bad habit nothing more, this thing wont beat Me and it's only in my mind. It's a war. I catch myself on crazy thing, when I'm going to have a shower I had always touched my penis or when I'm laying alone on the couch, I have to stop do that. I'm not feel very big tension for not doing it. It's a good sign. I always dreamed about having sex with my friends from school or neighbourbhood, this thing really waste My time very often but I see a little bit of progress.

    Thanks, this words really help me. Luckily I always have a lot of stuff to do like gym, school, books, etc. I have to read something from this site to see how life looks without PMO shit. When I have urge I noticed physical activity like push ups or squats help me.

    Cmon guy, I believe We can make our lifes better. I want to see how my life will look like without it. It has been for so many years with me so I'm convinced my whole life will change and I wont be that shy :)
  10. szogun030

    szogun030 Member

    DAY 7

    Today was the next day of my little war. I hang out with my friend and met with girl. Im not with her but everything is on good way. I noticed that I have more energy and I feel more confident ;)
  11. trainmill

    trainmill Member

    Awesome, happy for you.
  12. szogun030

    szogun030 Member

    DAY 8

    Okay, So today I have big urge, especially when I was sitting close to my girl. We are not together but when she put her hand on my leg close to my ding dong it was hot. Now I have a little soreness in my balls, but I don't even think to give up. I'm certain I will do that 90 day with no mo/pmo. I feel a lot of confidence, I'm not thinking a lot about what others thinks about Me like I used to. I have a lot of energy, but I noticed I'm a little more agressive, thats crap. I must control myself.
  13. szogun030

    szogun030 Member

    DAY 10

    Yesterday I met with friends and I moved closer to my girlfriend. After that my balls really hurt. I kiss her several times. It was nice :) Last 3 days was much harder than previous but I can't give up now. I never had wet dreams in my life. I'm courious about that. Like I've wrote before I feel a lot of confidence. I really believe that I can do it.
  14. jnjjn

    jnjjn Member

    Hey man I'm proud of you!!! I have also been in the same position as you when you say your balls hurt. Its completely normal during recovery but the thing is its still kinda new and people don really know about this withdrawl symptom . I couldn't find much on the internet and my balls would hurt so much until i gave in and tapped to relive the pressure. But here are a couple things that worked for me and might work for you
    1) Take advil - simple and easy. Just take it when they ache and hurt. It will revive pressure and help with withdrawal.

    2) Drink cranberry juice everyday- it will help will cleaning you tubes, penis, where the cum passes through and all that so that you everything gets cleaned up and old cum doesn't cause pain or infection. It helps with the withdrawal and healing process. Actually, this is a must! Its like $4 for 2 gallons at like a bimart or somthing, depending where you live.

    3) Excersize- you don't have too, but it kinda helps to relive all that sexual tension through working out so that you don't get temptations that often.

    4) Cold showers- I don't know much aabout this, only that it worked for me, and has worked for thousands of others. Just take a cold shower when you have a boner or are turned on, and it will go away for some reason.

    This pretty much helped me, and hopefully you'll try atleast one haha. Good luck!

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  15. szogun030

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    DAY 11

    On the previous relapse I noticed the big mistake was that me trying to fap but no ejaculate. Eventually it bringed to that I masturbated. Now I just dont touch my penis when i have a urge. And tryin not to think a lot about sex.
  16. szogun030

    szogun030 Member

    DAY 14

    Two weeks since I last PMO, keep going. I'm more outgoing and when I speak with someone I have more to tell. I feel a lot of energy.
  17. trainmill

    trainmill Member

    Congrats, seems like you kinda breezed through it.
    I think by now you are already experiencing a lot of the positive effects, so in case you relapse, you have this feeling right now to compare to so it will make it easier for you to build another streak. But who says you're gonna relapse?
  18. SuccessIsAMinstate

    SuccessIsAMinstate New Member

    Good luck mate!
    Stay strong and remind yourself on a regular basis on why you want to stop.. Try get some exercise too :)
  19. szogun030

    szogun030 Member

    DAY 18

    Thanks guys for reply, this really motivate Me to keep it rehab.I exercise a lot, I do this 3 times a every week. I dont have rest since 8 months in training so now I have a little break for 2 weeks.

    I had only 3 or 4 erection in this 18 days, mainly because I tryin not to think about it. But when i'm laying on the bed on the stomach I feel my penis will get erection if I havent change my position.

    I have also a little problem and I'm lost. I have one girl named Sarah with who I have sex 4 times but we werent together, now she ask me if I have stay in her house on Monday. I dont know what to do. I have a big urge especially when I'm thinking about that I will have sex with her. But also I meet sometimes with other woman names Nicol but we arent together. I think this is quite unfair to her.

    Again my balls hurt cuz when Nicol texted me something about sex I felt excited. I noticed my voice is lower than before. I feel really, really more confident in everything. I dont think now that something can go wrong. If it will I'm certain I will fix it. I wont give up.
  20. trainmill

    trainmill Member

    That's so cool to hear.
    Regarding the girls: I think it's important for you to know in advance what you want. How you want to handle it. And then be upfront to them about it. If you feel one or both of them are misunderstanding something, be open about what you want, until you really have a better feeling.

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