IT WORKS!! Don't give up, its well worth the effort

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by profound1, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. profound1

    profound1 New Member

    I can't believe it!! I seriously didn't think I would ever have PIVO again but I did yesterday morning and it was amazing. A little background: I'm 52 (will be 53 next week), have been watching porn for at least 10 years (probably more), had ED for... you know I can't even begin to guess how long I've had PIED. I realized something wasn't right for a long time but would attribute it to my age or other factors. My wife and I separated 7 months ago and my porn use escalated, that's when things really started to become a lot worse regarding my ED. I would go through cycles when watching porn. I would get raging hard ons and intense O's to being totally dead when watching the same scenes. I never really escalated the type of porn I watched although I did think about watching tranny porn a few times but never did. I started to wonder what was going on and found YBOP. The testimonies on the site spoke to me, I could relate to everything that was being conveyed. I stopped watching porn immediately which was not a problem, once I knew that was where the problem lied I lost the desire to watch. Although, I did have a strong desire here and there which would come out of nowhere. M was another story, I found it very hard to stop. I told myself that as long as I didn't watch porn I would be alright but realized pretty quickly I would have to give up M also. The longest I went without M was 35 days, that is when I reset my M clock to the count you see today. The last 12 days have been no problem at all. I went through many of the symptoms you read about; DD, mood swings (so much so that I heard a song on the radio one day while driving to work and started crying), intense desire to M, feeling happy then being depressed hours later. This is certainly not an easy journey, but I write this today for two reasons - to give back to this community and thank Gary and Marnia for YBOP. I have not written about this before but I am today to say to all you guys out there struggling with this that it is well worth the effort. YOU WILL BE HEALED!! I know how you feel because I felt exactly how you do right now. Like I wrote before I didn't think I would ever have normal sex again. You can too, just stay away from PMO and everything over time will be fine. Please don't give up, this does work. Now I'm not promising that you will feel like superman, conquer the world or win the Noble Peace Prize, but if you stay away from PMO and MO you will be cured of ED.
    I could write a lot more but I will leave it at that. If anyone has any questions at all please feel free to ask, I'm here to help any way I can.
    Good luck to all.
    PS: The person I had sex with was my wife, we are trying to work things out. Completing the act with her was huge because I though she was the main problem as to why I couldn't perform. As you now know I realized she wasn't the problem at all,l it was PMO all along. I told her about the problem and she has been very supportive. We spoke about it and realized we hadn't had sex in possibly 2 years which was a big issue as to why we separated. All you married guys, think about it, this could possibly save your marriage.
  2. breakingbad87

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    I can only imagine how many relationships have been destroyed by porn. Hopefully, over time, forums like this will spread the word and men will be aware of the dangers.
  3. profound1

    profound1 New Member

    Thanks so much BB87 (love that show btw). We all have to get the word out, I can't imagine how many men are suffering from this and have no idea. Good luck with your symptoms. Stay strong and your ED will be cured over time. Just to let you know, I'm not 100% yet but I know positively I'm on my way. Like everyone says this process isn't linear so it can be frustrating, but it does work.
    All the Best
  4. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    This is great news for you and your wife.
  5. healingpath

    healingpath Guest

    Profound it is great to hear that you are doing so well and that you and your wife are working things out. Its crazy how much damage porn can do to people.
  6. leave it to B

    leave it to B New Member

    Your story has helped me a lot today I hope you have continued success in your marriage. I'm a newbie with this site but i finally feel that i don't need to endure this struggle alone anymore. People like you inspire me to continue to fight my PIED and i wish you and your marriage the best.
  7. profound1

    profound1 New Member

    Thanks so much gameover and healingpath. Yes your right healingpath, crazy what watching porn on a regular basis can do. If you had told me just 1 year ago about this I would have thought you were crazy but here we all are dealing with something very few know about. I can't imagine all the men out there that are affected by this and have no idea. Lets face it men love to watch porn, I know I did. This could be an epidemic and we don't even know it.

    Glad I could help leave it to B, and thanks for the well wishes. You certainly don't have to endure this alone, please now that I am here for you to help in any way I can. Get a counter for PMO and MO going, I know it helped me to see the progress I was making towards getting healthy.

    Good luck guys and all the best,
  8. Omega Man

    Omega Man Everything counts.

    Great to hear. All these positive experiences make the effort worth it.
  9. TigerBlood

    TigerBlood New Member

    No PMO can repair your marriage. One of the more impressive posts on the site.
  10. ultimatengj

    ultimatengj New Member

    Your story gives me hope!
  11. Ballboy11

    Ballboy11 New Member

    Awesome news but I have a question. After orgasming a few times from successful sex did your ED return? Any libido drop after healthy sex? Does doom return after a few successful O's??? :-\
  12. PKS0114

    PKS0114 New Member

    First off, a hearty congratulations to you my good sir. Definitely gives us hope.

    Secondly, I'm with Ballboy on his question. This is my first official reboot, and while I haven't been going for that long, I've been staying away from P and haven't M'd even a little. However, I did have sex all the way to O a little bit ago, so I am wondering the same thing. It seems to may have set me back a little bit, but I'm very curious as to if/how it affects guys after they've achieved success.
  13. profound1

    profound1 New Member

    Thanks Ballboy11 and PKS0114,
    I find this is a process which takes many twists and turns, like everyone has said, it is not linear. I would say my ED hasn't returned however I am (it's getting better) experiencing a drop in libido. Although I've had successful PIV sex I do believe I still have a ways to go before I can say I'm completely cured - it takes time, be patient.

    @PkS0114 I would say if your able to have sex have all you want. It may set you back a little but in the long run real sex can only be a benefit. Don't fantasize, be present, this will help in your reboot.

    Lets not all forget, being unable to perform at one time or another is something that happens to everyone for various reasons. It had happened to me when I was in my teens and twenties a couple of times and I didn't view any on-line porn then. Obviously we have all experienced ED much to often to have it be a passing thing but I mention this just to remind everyone that it can happen even when your completely healed.
    Just keep fighting and not PMO, over time good things will happen.

    Thanks Omega Man and TigerBlood.

    Happy to help ultimatengj.

    Good Luck All
  14. profound1

    profound1 New Member

    Just wanted to check in and update. It's been awhile since I posted and I wanted to let you all know I'm about 95% healed/cured. I just had sex with my wife (someone I didn't have sex with for 2 years because of PIED) two times in two days. We can't even begin to remember when the last time that happened.
    Guys have been writing about increased sensation to the point one doesn't need to fantasize to obtain an erection, I didn't think this was possible but it is. I've been so horny lately (it's come back with a real vengeance) that I tried it alone the other day. I stimulated myself without any erotic thoughts and obtained a very hard erection very quickly (I stopped there). I'm so sensitive it doesn't take much stimulation from my wife to get an erection which I maintain. She even commented on how full my penis is.
    DO NOT GIVE UP!! Stay away from PMO and MO and you will be cured of this affliction. It may take a long time and you may go through a long period of flatline, very little or no libido but I promise if you stay away from both PMO and MO you will get your mojo back big time (as long as there are no health problems, of course). Just as a reminder I'M 53yo, if I can do this and feel very, very horny again you young guys are in for a real treat when you overcome this.
    Good Luck All,
  15. Omega Man

    Omega Man Everything counts.

    Great to hear man, thanks for the update.
  16. ortegaso

    ortegaso Just like spongebob, optimistic and cheerful.

    @profound: your experience is awesome and has given me a real boost in spirit. One day I will be writing a similar post in the success stories forum.
  17. Latino84

    Latino84 New Member

    good for you man

    i'm on day 21 as it is, but masturbated twice, i find quitting porn is easy

    for some reason i wasn't flat lining which is what led me to masturbate, i dont think i'm flat lining now either

    but now i have more mental strength, and i'm more decided to not masturbate i have to make it
  18. profound1

    profound1 New Member

    @Omega Man - your welcome and good luck.
    @ortegaso - glad to help and I'm sure you will be writing a similar post.
    @Latino84 - MO was very hard for me to give up also but I found once I did things really started to happen. I was very horny after giving up PMO and I would MO thinking it wasn't a problem but also knew if I was with a woman I wouldn't be able to perform and that is what this whole thing is about. Once I gave up MO I had DD then a very long flat line period. Everyone is different so your reboot my not follow this course, however I would recommend you stay strong and not MOing either as this course of action will surely get you to where you want to be. Start a counter, I know it helped me a lot to see my progress and keep me motivated to succeed. Good Luck
  19. freethinker

    freethinker Guest

    Thanks for the update. I'll be 53 in a little less than 6 months . Profound1, this thread is one of my favorites since I started here a few days ago. I relate because of our age similarity and marriage status. You have a real simple and encouraging way of giving us "the message of hope". As you say, it's not a linear path, which makes it challenging. I've used porn for a very long time. My marriage is still good but I need to do some repair work on our intimacy. Please come back to encourage us when you can. I'll certainly reciprocate if needed.
  20. Visage

    Visage New Member

    Very inspirational, just what i needed today. Thank you and well done, I'm very happy for you :)

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