Is it necessary to masturbate at all?

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by fapfreeforme, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. fapfreeforme

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    Is it necessary to masturbate at all?

    Yes, it's necessary for males to masturbate.

    Let's take a step back from masturbation and talk about ejaculation. It's necessary for males past puberty to ejaculate. The male sexual organs produce a number of fluids that have to be eliminated periodically. Doctors specializing in sexuality generally agree that a male must ejaculate (at a bare minimum) once every two weeks to avoid damage to his sexual functioning. However, more than 98% of males under the age of 60 ejaculate much more often than this. A team of doctors led by Dr. Graham Giles published a study in 2003 that found that males who ejaculated most often when they were young had the least incidence of prostate cancer later. They state that masturbation is healthier for the prostate than having intercourse, because masturbation doesn't expose the prostate to STDs. Dr. Giles recommends that younger males masturbate at least six times a week.

    So ejaculation is necessary. If a male doesn't ejaculate by having intercourse (or wet dreams, which are uncommon in boys who have learned how to masturbate) -- then masturbation is necessary. So as a practical matter, yes, it's necessary for males to masturbate. Very few males claim to never masturbate, and some authorities say there are no males past puberty who never masturbate.
  2. hogus

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    MOing will always be a risk for us due to our wiring to P so the best option is obviously regular, frequent ejaculation with a girl.
  3. livefreeordiehard

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    I call BS on that.

    Nobody needs masturbation.

    If ejaculation is needed your body will provide it through a wet dream or semen in your piss.
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  5. leo902

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    you believe in a website where this guy is afraid to tell what he does or why hes doing it .it does;t matter you do it ir not. it matters how you control it.
  6. freefrompmo

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    There are numerous tribes in the world who dont understand what masturbation is or the purpose of it. They find it funny the concept of self love and never practice it. Gary may even speak to that on YBOP.
  7. Reginald

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    "They state that masturbation is healthier for the prostate than having intercourse, because masturbation doesn't expose the prostate to STDs."

    This is preposterous-- pray tell, which one is healthier if my woman is STD-free? :p

    I'm planning to ejaculate with women, not MO.

    Basically: we don't NEED to O, but Rebooted dudes may be able to with no negative effects.
  8. fapfreeforme

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    The author of that site claims to have a Ph.D.

    "Why is there nothing about the author's qualifications on this site?

    I have a Ph.D. from one of the world's most prestigious research universities and am a scholar at a major research university (in a field unrelated to sexuality), and there is a question whether this web site and the survey research I do connected with it would fall under the jurisdiction of their policies on the use of human subjects in research and other matters if I identified myself with my affiliation to the university on the site."
  9. Reginald

    Reginald 34y/o____________ STICK 2 THE SCRIPT

    Most awkward run-on sentence ever?
  10. fapfreeforme

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  11. Aaron

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    Masturbation isn't needed based on my experience. Every time I got PMO free, I have a wet dream at least every 2 weeks, usually once a week though.

    I'm no doctor, but I presume wet dreams are better for you than masturbation
    brb RSI
    brb ED
    brb prefer hand than vagina
  12. Do not-

    I repeat

    DO NOT compare those tribes to modern societal men.

    There are huge differences, the biggest of which being they almost all marry extremely young, and most of them have sex EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Pregnant or not, they fool around.

    They don't NEED masturbation because they have sex. A lot of it.

    Even when they don't have sex, they have physical release in every day life. They hunt, they work, they construct, they cook. They fulfill their bodies normally in their REQUIRED daily tasks. They don't lift weights in their leisure time; they don't HAVE leisure time. They hunt, they throw spears, they walk, they run, they jump, they carry, they climb, they do everything that in we in our comfy modern society no longer do. Do you know why they do all this? Because if they don't, they die.

    Now compare that to modern society.
    90% of jobs involve little physical labor due to technology trivializing most tasks. You used to have to work weeks on end to harvest an entire field of corn. Now you can do it all in an hour with a tractor while you sit on your ass. You used to have to carry a mess of planks of wood around construction sites. Now we use cranes while we... sit on our ass. If we wanted to show someone something, we had to take it to them, or they had to come to us. Now we can just take a picture and send a message to them while we.... SIT ON OUR ASS.

    People are marrying later and later in life, ending up being sexually unsatisfied (the emotional aspect is extremely important) and thus masturbating even more in the mean time, even with casual sex in the mix. Then there are married couples- if the wife is pregnant, most men will not have sex with her since we are mortally terrified of miscarriages from strenuous activity.

    Shut. Up. With the tribes. I'd love it if I lived in a world where I could marry young without worrying about my financial security, have sex every damn night, and actually worked for my food, but I don't. You don't. We don't.

    No one needs masturbation, true, I'll agree to that, but you have to understand why those tribes don't need it. It's not a fair comparison.
  13. Michael

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    I haven't ejaculated in 55 days and i feel perfectly fine. No blue balls nothing.
  14. rcfergie5

    rcfergie5 Guest

    damn straight.
  15. DGP

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    Have to agree. A wet dream is the best case scenario, especially for someone with PIED.
  16. ted93704

    ted93704 Keep Your Heads Up!

    This is hogwash. People in monastaries refrain from ejaculation with no ill effects. Heck, they live longer than most people do!
  17. ted93704

    ted93704 Keep Your Heads Up!

    The comparison is valid because they are human beings too. The answer is to get off our asses and do things. Stop thinking of sex so much and actually get out there and live. We need to use our bodies. When we get lucky enough to find a partner we can have sex. Until then its an abstinance program!
  18. ClassifiedNull

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    In 20 years everyone will know that masturbating is not as healthy as we once thought it was.

    Those that already know this are ahead of the curve.
  19. LTE

    LTE Master Of My Domain

    The "PHD" sounds more like a BSA to me, a BS Artist. For one thing, if he or she were doing legitimate academic research they would be interested in publishing their work in a peer-reviewed journal. The idea of semen buildup, that must be relieved, has been around for a long time but it just doesn't ring true to me. Do I need a burst of rage to prevent epinephrine (adrenaline) from building up? The body is an amazingly versatile thing and can adapt to almost anything within the normal sphere of human experience.

    Masturbation is not the same as sexual intercourse. If it were there would be no problems moving seamlessly back and forth between both activities as circumstances changed. But it doesn't work that way. Over twenty years before the Internet had become part of everyday life I was married at a very young age. I had been MOing for about four years and porn was not readily available. Most of it was fantasy based. At first I quit masturbating but I found that PVI sex was less stimulating that MO. Within a few months I was hooked on MO as badly as ever. I was young enough that I could both masturbate and have ex with my wife but intercourse was the lesser stimulant. Within a few years the marriage broke down as I sought (print) porn and masturbated like a madman. Major point here; the porn I was using at this time was almost exclusively nude photos of women, no hardcore. In those days, shaved pubes were still a novelty in over-the-counter porn available in convenience stores. That was my obsession back then.

    I had expected that "the real thing" would cure me of masturbation but it did not. Things actually got worse as I sought more and more novelty. This habit interfered with the bonding between my wife and I and absolutely was at the root of my divorce.

    Years later I remarried and was MO free at the time of my marriage. Print porn in the workplace led to a relapse and my marriage began to stagnate. When the Internet came along I slowly lured myself into iPorn and, once again, a perfectly good marriage was ruined by masturbation taking the place of normal marital sex.

    The problem, as I see it, is that masturbation is sexual junk food, no lasting value, just a shallow immediate reward. If one is trying to eat healthfully it's not going to help matters if they fill up on junk food and then try to compensate by eating fresh vegetables for every meal.

    If someone treats their sex drive as a buildup that demands release by ejaculation all that is going to happen is that they will live from ejaculation to ejaculation. Such a person is not in control, they are reactive, not proactive.

    Regarding the tribes that are ignorant of masturbation. I don't think that it's simply because of a trade-off with early marriage. For one thing, would this mean that every male in those societies gets married immediately at puberty? What if there were no eligible females available at the right time? Or perhaps, the eligible female(s) didn't happen to fancy that particular fellow. Intercourse every night? Most people at least give it a rest during menstruation. Immediately after childbirth is another time when the continuity of sexual relations is usually interrupted, at least for a while.

    The very concept of sexual self-stimulation is foreign to these people. It has not occurred to them in any way. I can't imagine that they have some unique social system that eliminates any unfulfilled sexual desire for every single person in the tribe. If they do, they should consider running for office. :)
  20. Samurai

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    I hope to find this out for myself, but to the best of my understanding you'll have wet dreams and release every now and then if there's any need to relieve the pressure. As others have said, there are people out there that don't masturbate at all.

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