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    as many of you, I suffer from E.D. I am 18 years old and have failed attempts of sex with 3 different girls. I am not sure if this is psychological (I am a perfectionist when it comes to things I care about, performing well in bed is a part of that) as I told my 2nd girl I had succesful sex with the first when in fact I didn't, same for the 3rd girl. Or is it really porn induced? Porn came into my life at the age of twelve, and I have watched it approximately once a day ever since. But as a lot of boys have done the same (my friends, lots of people oon the internet), why am I suffering from this and they basically don't? Why do I feel anxious to go to bed with a girl now because being a virgin is not how people look at me, when in fact I am (only short duration penetratrion, no cum 3 times)?

    How do I know this porn induced e.d. is not a myth? My usexuologist told me this did not exist. Why do I have to cut off masturbation as a whole? That is supposed to be a healthy thing? I should restore even while still masturbating and thinking of my exes?

    Please help me. I want a normal sexlife. However not masturbating would cause my dick to cum in 20 seconds (I had a 2 month relapse about half a year ago so I know) and that is not what I want either. So why should I stop masturbating, why can my friends watch porn without effects really?

    Thanks for helping me. This post is not meant to insult the website, but rather get enough motivation to have a second try of relapse.

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    You're not supposed to completely stop masturbating. That has always been optional. Just try to reduce it as much as you can.

    And it does sound like performance anxiety is playing a big role in your ED.

    Stop being such a perfectionist.

    Here are a couple of posts I've made on the topic of performance anxiety:

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    It's not a myth because thousands of men have recovered from it. Your sexologist was trained before the advent of high speed internet, so what he was taught has no relevance to this new technology.

    Brains are different. But the real question is how do you know that no one else is having a problem? I've personally seen over 1,000 websites, with posts into the tens of thousands by guys with porn induced ED.
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    Yeah I have had a talk w/ my urologist about this bc I was being tested for lowish testosterone. He mentioned that more and more young men were coming in talking about having ED and that he estimated that over the past year about 50% of his patients for ED were probably younger than 35. So either we are just having huge effects from increasing toxins that are in our world that affect men (which may play a part and is possible) or (more likely) this porn stuff is REALLY screwing with us. He also mentioned that although a lot of these patients have lower than normal T levels, they aren't low enough that they should be seriously complaining about ED.
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    You cannot assume your friends are not having the same problem. If you didn't told them about your problem, it is safe to assume they wouldn't tell you either.
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    So true. I actually suspect a few people may be having some similar issues but then I think I might just be projecting what I'm going through onto them sub consciously, so I've never broached the subject.

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