I lied regarding my success

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by confusedindividual, May 16, 2017.

  1. Here's a quick flashback. I'm the guy who made it in the TV underwear commercial and met my dream girl. The truth is slightly different. I am still single. The only real success is kissing a girl I approached the same day almost 2 and a half years ago after almost 14 days of nofap. Since then I went on long stretches of abstinence but always went back to porn or Webcam chatting showing my body to women. Still a porn addict. Always will be. No superpowers but I am seeing a super hot psychologist. We don't kiss, we don't fuck. We talk. Today, at the end of the session I almost died with the urge to kiss and make out with her. This is no lie. But I didn't. Because my brain told me it would be inappropriate. She also alluded to my impotence in a metaphor I can't translate into English because she's French (I live in France despite being a native English speaker). So that's that. No sex since 2011 before discovering nofap with a woman I found out is now dead, and a kiss on the lips to a stranger 14 days into my first attempt at nofap. By the way, I'm schizophrenic and on antipsychotics all known for having sexual side effects. I want to apologize for lying. The success stories were making me jealous so I decided to make up one of my own.
  2. While it's admirable you came clean, this is really messed up. I hope you get the help you need and maybe achieve some semblance of the success stories you were jealous of.

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