I hate being a woman

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    Are there any girls out here who hates being a woman? I totally hate being a woman. I wanted to be a boy since my childhood. I used to cut my hair short and liked to wear t-shirts and jeans. I was never attracted to any boys, and only had crushes on girls. I don't know what to name this condition. Every time I look into the mirror, I hate the very sight of my boobs. Boobs give me a womanly appearance, the only visible female characteristic that I possess. I want them to be removed. I have heard about FTM top surgery which removes breasts using keyhole procedure. I am thinking about having that surgery. When I discussed this with my friends, they told me that it will affect my future life. I am not planning to get married. I even hate getting married. What do you guys think about this?
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    I think it's sad you're not able to love who you are and the body that is you, but also happy for you that we now live in an age where if you're not happy with your identity, you can change that physically. If you want to have the surgery then get the surgery, it doesn't matter hat your friends say they're not the ones that have to live with it, you are.

    I would recommend a few sessions with a therapist before any of this, though. I'm speaking from the experience of someone who was not happy with a lot of aspects of his life and started talking to someone and it helped drastically. These are people trained to help us get through things and you never know there may be a better way to love your body without invasive surgery. You also want to make sure that if you do do the surgery then it really will give you the answers you seek, a good therapist will be able to help you make that decision.

    Best of luck with whatever you decide to do though x
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    I know a couple who have children - not sure if one is the biological parent - the kids look more like the Dad - not sure - never came up, even though they are close to our family. both are biologically female. kid calls one Mom the other Dad.. the dad has her natural body - breasts but also a beard. might be all natural - no surgery, no hormones... i get the impression that they are very in love and that they assume the roles /personas that are there naturally prone to - unique, and comfortable in their own skin more than most people..

    I'm not mentioning it for any reason - other than that I'm impressed that they are so happy.. comfortable conscious..

    It's fascinating. The diversity of human sexuality. Hope all can find theirs.
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    what do you mean wtf... are you saying you don't understand or you don't approve ?
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    I don't approve. LGBT are merely 3% of the population, they're really in minority, so why the hell should I give a fuck about how happy they seem ? It's a biological error, IMHO. Anyway, that's MY opinion, feel free to say whatever you want lol.
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    TV is programming. Cut down on tv.

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