How to stop relying on others for pleasure, and find happiness within yourself?

Discussion in 'Social Advice' started by Yuuichi, May 25, 2013.

  1. Yuuichi

    Yuuichi New Member

    Apparently, before others can love me, i should love myself. And before i should look to others for happiness, I should find happiness within myself.

    I'm happy with who i am, and i don't mind/like spending time alone for a few hours. But that's more for the sake of relaxation. I don't like spending more than a day by myself otherwise i feel really lonely. So i feel dependant on other people for happiness. Especially women.

    How do i sort this out? Need advice, thanks :)
  2. ihadwillpower

    ihadwillpower New Member

    I'd slightly disagree with you. Happiness it's not like that. You are happy when you SHARE your joy and great moments. You can't be happy within yourself i think.

    This is very wide question. To be happy you need always to rely on others in some way. Humans are creatures that needs connections, feelings and other stuff.
    If you not have those things you feel emptiness inside. And you can't be selfish and be happy just because YOU want to be happy. Give back to others, make people happy, that's how you feel fulfilled in life. (Hope this helped you) :)
  3. quitprofoo

    quitprofoo Member

    Very helpful, thank you.

    [ Edit: Added later: ]

    This was helpful to me because it's about my motivation. I think I am not motivated because I think I can't share my happiness, and so I'm unhappy.
  4. Islander222

    Islander222 New Member

    Happiness within a mind boggler. lol!

    Usually we find joy in what we do. This keeps us happy.

    Someone who likes making furniture, finds joy in the process. This keeps him happy. If someone comes to him and asks him to make a chair because he likes his work, then the furniture maker gets to share his joy with the person who wants a chair from him.

    When the chair is made, and the person uses the chair...and the furiture maker knows that the chair is being used... Everyone is happy.

    ....until the guy who bought the chair doesn't pay... Then its the lawyers who are happy. :)

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