How to properly use the Fleshlight for to overcome PE and Death Grip

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    The title say all: How to properly use the Fleshlight (male masturbator) for to cure Death Grip and Premature Ejaculation.

    I read in this forum that Fleshlight has been nominated much times.

    Some guys have used it for to cure death grip with great results, other ones for to last from 5 minutes to 15 minutes.
    Excellent results, this toy works.

    Premature ejaculation is the most common problem for the guys who have done the reboot, and for to fix this problem you need to have sex much and much times.

    After the reboot not all have a girlfriend (like me) with which have intercourses, and not all have some much money to pay every time prostitutes for to have sex.
    In this case Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit can help us.

    The unique problem is: how to use it?

    I read that the best way (for premature ejaculation) is NOT cum when you arrived at the point, but stop and then resume the next day always without cumming into it.

    Anyone with any experience can give help us? Is this the best way? How much use the felshlight in 1 week? Edging or not?

    With your experience you can help much persons.
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    C'mon guys, share your experience or opinion , it can be very precious for us!

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