How many hours are you online a day?

Discussion in 'Internet Addiction' started by coyote, Apr 9, 2017.


How many hours do you spend in front of your PC a day?

  1. Less than 2 hours

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  2. Between 2-4 hours

  3. Between 4-6 hours

  4. Between 6-8 hours

  5. Over 8 hours

  1. coyote

    coyote Active Member

    I'm pretty much a full-blown addict, I spend around 6-7 hours in front of my laptop's screen every single day (it used to be 8-10).
    I'm just curious about other here!
  2. ZeeBawn

    ZeeBawn Active Member

    I am an economic journalist, so I spend most of my life online.. But to be fair, I can probably cut my usage by 60-80% if I work smart, even during working hours. Social media takes up most of the time.. I would say if I kept my social media to the essentials and beneficial (including YouTube) I would also cut that by 60-90%.
    I suppose something that might help is to plan out what I need online and use a timer to just do that.
  3. GeniusG

    GeniusG New Member

    I spend like 8-10 hours for my work. But I seldom open my social media accts. I just work and read a few articles.
  4. Immature

    Immature New Member

    I spend a lot of time watching youtube (political/current affairs stuff, as well as music lesson videos). I also spend time in various forums. I need to get my ass out of the swivel chair, though!

    ETA: I hardly ever get into facebook anymore.
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