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Discussion in 'Ages -19' started by Paul1234, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. Paul1234

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    As I have mentioned before I have tried to implemnt changes;however due to feeling slightly depressed and bored over the weekend I have indulged in a binge of over 10 min of PublicAgent. I feel extremely annoyed and saddened. My girlfriend is back off holiday so hopefully I will completely forget about porn. Anyway I am posting to ask if any ongoing people that are rewiring or successful people that have rewired have any advice, if so I would greatly apppreciate it. I hope to be here posting next week about my week free of porn. Thanks for reading and keep strong.
  2. jnjjn

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    Its diffrent and depends on how long youve been an addict. Ive been an addict since the age of 8. So thats been 11 years. Im the farthest ive ever been in my life. 40 days. And my self love is up, and confidence as well, but for people for me the average recovery time is around a year. It also depends how you recover. Like are you living the same boring life, or being more social and productive, blah blah blah. Good luck!
  3. Paul1234

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    Thanks for responding. I am not an addict I only really watch it when I'm bored or spontaneous bouts of high libdo. I understand where you are coming from its the similar mindset I have. Great news on your long time. My own personal best is around 5 months hopefully I can never watch it again as I know understand the causes and consonances.

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