Has the meaning of 'flatline' changed?

Discussion in 'Pornography Addiction' started by TrainingTheDragon, Feb 6, 2013.

  1. TrainingTheDragon

    TrainingTheDragon New Member

    I'm hearing this term being tossed around like a pigskin these days.

    Last year, when the forum was smaller, the term flatline was used to signify a phase with non-existent libido after abstaining from porn for a while. It was seen as a good thing and a sign of the healing process, lasting for one to a few weeks usually. The general pattern was one would start abstaining and urges to PMO would increase in intensity with each day until one fine day, you wake up feeling practically asexual. At which point you could congratulate yourself for making it through to the next step in recovery.

    Now as I read the posts, members use it to describe just about ANY dip in libido. I've seen it being used to describe how people feel during or after PMO binges. Heck, one poster thought he was in flatline during all his years of PMOing. It does feel like some people are confusing the effects of PMOing with flatlining.

    I even read about someone MOing so he could get out of the flatline - something I don't understand in any way. Why would one want to interrupt the healing process?

    Has the meaning just been lost or is there a new definition for this word now? I'd like to speak the same language when we're all speaking English.
  2. Unstable

    Unstable Member

    Agreed, people are now using the term “flatline” way too loosely. Some even claim they flatline within a couple of days starting PMO. That makes no sense whatsoever. Individuals are confusing not being horny with flatlining.
  3. gameover

    gameover Age: 26

    Yea i haven't hit a flat line. Some people are describing low libido or low mood as flat line but i was under the impression no sexuality at all or desires would be a true flat line. There hasn't been 1 day so far i haven't been horny.
  4. Pedigree

    Pedigree Active Member

    I'm a believer that there's a difference between a flatline and being a stimulation-free environment. It's just the case that we mistake the latter with the former because we're so used to being stimulated all the time.
  5. grzeg12

    grzeg12 New Member

    I think anyone can precisely definied term "flatline"

    Very low desire to sex? How we can have desire to sex if we avoid sexual fantasies.

    What most be suitable for term "flatline" is when some man try to avoid masturbation after watching porn for a long time, and he sometimes starting see days of libido when dick starting stand up. The rest of days is flatline. So i can say I'm still in flatline.
    But I can describe it after I have permanent good libido and desire to sex.
  6. TrainingTheDragon

    TrainingTheDragon New Member

    Having the desire for sex while avoiding natural fantasies is what we call natural libido.

    A flatline is an extended period upwards of a week where you have a no sexual desire or any kind of activity in your pants. It's not something that happens every couple of days.

    Basically yes, it is possible to have few sporadic days where you feel some signs of life over the process but overall you have zero urges or activity in your penis as a result of not watching porn and/or masturbating.

    I'll refer folks to this article on YBOP: http://www.yourbrainonporn.com/i-quit-porn-but-my-potency-and-libido-are-decreasing-help

    Hopefully, it will help you identify whether you're in a real flatline.

    Personally, I don't feel urges these days except for a few minutes in the morning. But I still won't say I'm in a flatline. I've experienced it before and it totally sucks lol. Your dick shrivels up and you feel like you don't have a penis. Even sexual thoughts don't bring about a reaction and that's the scariest part.
  7. Temple_of_peace

    Temple_of_peace New Member

    Man, I think I'm flatlining right now, my penis is so small and soft, I have no urges to masturbate, or to have sex, yet something makes me want to look at women still in a sexual way. Today I saw a girl with such a nice ass, but it did not arouse me, which makes me confused. I appreciated the ass as being very nice and sexy, but it didn't have any impact upon my emotions or my penis.
  8. TrainingTheDragon

    TrainingTheDragon New Member

    Lol, that can be quite scary. Hang in there. Don't even think about testing yourself. It will pass.
  9. Temple_of_peace

    Temple_of_peace New Member

    Naaaa, I don't even think about testing myself, I'm only at the 30th day. It would be silly to think I'm cured ;D
  10. Temple_of_peace

    Temple_of_peace New Member

    Yeess Sir. This is what I'm experiencing, even being around my girlfriend my penis is still lifeless, and it looks like a small shrimp.

    IV VV IV VV VIII New Member

    I've been guilty of this myself, but you're right. And flatline should probably remain a term used only for that specific purpose.
    The problem might be that a lot of us don't experience an actual flatline, but still feel weird and understimulated because of no PMO.

    When you MO/PMO regularly your libido is in a constant loop. Your desire is constantly building towards the next O, rising and then dropping drastically. When you stop O'ing something else happens. It levels out and that sensation is easily confused with flatlining.
  12. Temple_of_peace

    Temple_of_peace New Member

    Hel please, today morning I was kissing with my GF, I had a 60% erection, how bad is it for my flatline? I thought I was flatlining, after we kissed I still have no urge to ejaculate. But I have disturbed my flatline.
  13. TrainingTheDragon

    TrainingTheDragon New Member

    Why would that be bad for a flatline? Natural arousal is a good thing that helps the reboot. As long as you don't watch P, M or O (if you're not Oing), you'll be fine. Although, if you have ED, you're better off abstaining from O as well.
  14. richard29

    richard29 Member

    I was gonna post about this and whether fooling around without M or O is a good idea during the healing period for P induced ED.. Is that the general consensus? that as long as you don't orgasm or m it's fine, beneficial even, to fool around with someone? As I'm so early in rebooting I thought it may be better to completely abstain for a couple if months, then start rewiring.. ?
  15. richard29

    richard29 Member

    And sorry to stray off topic
  16. TrainingTheDragon

    TrainingTheDragon New Member

    Sorry, I wasn't elaborate enough in my last post. If you have ED, the general consensus is to stay away from all kinds of stimulation (from women too) for a while before attempting to rewire. I won't be trying anything until I meet my goal.
  17. ambush

    ambush New Member

    I faltlined in the first week of nofap. It was exactly like what a lot of the other account say. And i am still in flat line nearing 90 days. It is not just about not feeling horny. There was a discernible change in mood, increased mindfog etc.
  18. Temple_of_peace

    Temple_of_peace New Member

    I have ED, I'm abstaining from O, after I O'ed before reboot, I was feeling very wasted. Now I'm gaining some results.
  19. Temple_of_peace

    Temple_of_peace New Member

    No that's what I'm talking about, I also should be away from women stimulation, for a while.
  20. LTE

    LTE Master Of My Domain

    As I understand it, flatline occurs when the elevated dopamine levels have receded but the D2 receptors are still at a low level. I never really experienced flatline but I dod go through a period of decreased concentration around day 60. It was weird, I couldn't handle some technical matters at work. Fortunately it passed quickly.

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